Maintenance tips to protect your commercial roofing  

Commercial roof care is important to both protect your investment and maintain positive appearances. Regular maintenance and annual inspection help catch and prevent problems from becoming major and costly. When it comes to that care, having the right company to help is just as important. Roofing companies like ROOFKING can help care for your roof, whether it’s flat or sloped. They also share what roof maintenance to follow for additional protection.

Fix leaks early

Even a small leak can quickly become a major problem with costly water damage. With commercial roofing, it can even risk electrical damage, roof collapse, or get into the air ducts. Instead of a small quick fix, the issue becomes extensive and requires even more labour. If you notice signs of a leak, or an inspection finds a damaged section, get the repairs done immediately. It’ll protect your building and save more long-term.

Get bi-annual roof inspections

Residential homes are not the only ones that benefit from professional, annual roof inspections. Commercial roofs are just as at risk of the same wear and damage as any other roof. Taking the time to get regular inspections can help catch and repair any problems early. Commercial buildings may also benefit more from bi-annual inspections for twice the security. It’s also worthwhile getting the flat roofing looked at after any major storms. Strong winds or hail can also cause damage that shouldn’t be left unrepaired.

Keep the roof clean

Leaves and debris trapped on a flat roof can not only lower curb appeal; this can also cause damage. As moisture builds up beneath the debris, it can lead to algae or mould growth. If it does, it quickly causes roof deterioration and a shorter lifespan. Clearing the debris will help prevent that from happening, but never DIY the work. Walking on commercial roofing or using a power cleaner can easily risk causing further and possibly more extensive damage. Instead, hire a professional company and leave the cleaning to them.

Inspect and update the roof system

Exterior roof care is important, but so is the interior care of your roof. Proper ventilation and insulation play a role in extending the lifespan of the roof. Without them, there is excess heat transfer in and out of the roof, which then speeds up the roof’s deterioration. Getting a professional roof inspection will help find areas that need to be updated or improved. If your commercial building has a sloped roof, proper sloped roofing care will also help save on monthly bills by making your commercial building even more energy efficient.

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