Maintenance to catch up on this spring 

Before the warm weather settles in, get ahead on those spring maintenance tasks. Winter can be hard on homes, and many jobs might have fallen to the backburner. Hiring a handyman service can help you check everything off your home repairs and maintenance list!

Mr. Handyman of West Calgary in Calgary is a professional handyman company. They share some maintenance jobs to tackle this spring.

Exterior walk around

There are several parts and systems to your home’s exterior, making an exterior inspection necessary. To start, take a look at the walls. Check for any openings, damaged areas, or gaps where water or unwanted pests could get in the siding. If you have stucco, keep an eye out for any cracks, bulges, or signs of water damage. Any damage should be repaired before the issue worsens and becomes costly. Don’t forget the gutters and downspouts, not just for clogged leaves but loose screws or signs of damage. You want to make sure your drainage system is in top shape for all those spring and summer rainfalls! 

Inspect the windows

Check your windows for cracked caulking or broken weatherstripping, as leaks will reduce energy efficiency and even cause water problems. An easy way to check is if you can feel air leaking in or out of your home. Another sign of window trouble is if you notice condensation inside the glass during the winter. That means the weather seal on the glass is broken and needs replacing. With windows (and doors) accounting for 25% of total house heat loss, it’s essential to handle those repairs quickly. 

Interior plumbing

Keep an eye and hear out for any plumbing issues as things thaw. For visual tells, leaks, clogged drains and ‘sweaty’ pipes are all tell-tale warnings. If there is a leak, a pipe may be damaged during the winter from freezing. The same goes for any sweaty pipes, which could be corrosion. For sounds, listen for rattling, banging, or gurgling noises. These could be signs of a block in the pipes, a loose pipe, or a faucet with a broken part. Plumbing is crucial to repair quickly to avoid severe water issues and costly repairs. 

Check the electrical system

Check your electrics before you crank on the AC. It’s too easy (and dangerous) to overwork your circuits and spark a potential fire hazard. Some common signs of electrical trouble are outlets suddenly failing, overheating, or flickering. Spiking electrical bills is another tell-tale sign that you have electric trouble. In addition, your smoke and CO detectors should also be on your checklist. Bring in a professional contractor to do a complete home inspection to catch any hidden trouble and handle the repairs.

Handyman Services in Calgary

Mr. Handyman of West Calgary is happy to lend a helping hand when it comes to tackling any to-do lists. From small everyday projects to renovations, installations, maintenance, they can help. Their team is fully qualified to handle any job and can knock off your to-do list in one visit! 

Contact Mr. Handyman of West Calgary today!

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