Major bathroom renovations: the dos and don’ts  

Next to kitchen renovations, bathrooms are the best place to add significant value to your home. Whether you are planning to sell now or later, bathrooms are a smart place to renovate. When it comes to a major renovation, there are a few things to do and some to avoid.

Peak Improvements in Edmonton is a professional renovations company with decades of experience. They share the dos and don’ts of a major bathroom renovation:

Do: splurge on a new shower

Walk-in luxury showers are becoming very popular among homeowners and renovations. The look is modern and attractive and saves floor space in the bathroom. Plus, they’re more accessible than a traditional bathtub and shower. Use tile for a feature wall, and invest in quality fixtures that add both function and style. Chrome handles or raindrop showerheads, for example, are perfect for a luxury shower. While bathtubs are becoming outdated, don’t entirely eliminate them from your home entirely. If nothing else, incorporate a bathtub into at least one of the bathrooms. This will ensure you don’t deter any potential buyers that might need a bathtub should you decide to sell in the future.

Don’t: rush the process

Rushing through steps or not properly budgeting, invites the risk of mistakes or unexpected costs. Before you start any major renovations, take the time to plan the designs and details. Also, prepare a budget that covers any unexpected costs that may arise. Companies such as Peak Improvements offer design services as well, to help with planning. Don’t forget to also plan for proper bathroom storage. It’s easy to get caught up in the design and materials, but proper storage is essential. In a small bathroom, make the most of wall-mounted storage or custom cabinets for your exact needs.

Do: add energy-efficient features

Adding cost-saving features is a simple matter, and a very cost-effective choice as well. Low-flow showerheads and faucets will save more water and lower those monthly water bills. Plus, water-saving fixtures have come a long way over the years and you will not have to sacrifice good water pressure. A dual flush toilet as well can help do the same. LED bulbs will save on electrical costs, last longer than incandescent bulbs, and will reduce your carbon footprint too.

Don’t: over or underspend on materials

It’s tempting to choose cheaper materials to save costs. However, cheap materials will save money at the start, but long-term, they won’t last as long. Countertops both make a statement and can last for years, so splurge on those. Floors that are slip- and water-resistant can easily be a less expensive material that still mimics high-end appearances. For example, you could choose a cost-effective vinyl tile that mimics the look of a natural stone tile. Your contractor will help you choose materials and fixtures that will best meet your needs for lifestyle, design, and function.

Do: create a focal point

A major renovation won’t be complete without an eye-catching focal feature. In bathrooms, especially, this helps pull the entire room together and complete the look. A stunning vanity or designed shower wall are two popular choices for features. Floating vanities create the illusion of more space and a modern touch. It also creates more storage space, which is always a bonus in a bathroom. Shower walls or patterned tiles are a great way to make a feature wall, especially if the shower is what is noticed first.

Major Renovations & Home Additions in Edmonton

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