Major home renovations that add major value to your home

There are so many possibilities when it comes to full home renovations and deciding what to change or update. From updating a room, increasing functionality, boosting energy efficiency or just improving lifestyle, there’s a lot of potential. Still, one common theme is that major renovations always pay off with major value boosts. RTA Contracting in Calgary offers both interior and exterior home renovations that are guaranteed to add to both your home’s value and your own.


Interior renovations come with many advantages and possibilities that can enhance your home’s appearance, your personal comfort or simply improve overall efficiency. No matter what the interior renovation is, it is always guaranteed to pay for itself in some way.


No matter if it’s updating the look, upgrading a master bathroom, or even adding a whole new bathroom, bathroom renovations have lots of potential. The renovation itself can easily recoup 67.2% of the cost, as this report shows, making it a beneficial investment. When it comes to resale value, bathrooms are one of the first recommended places to consider renovating. A bathroom renovation now can also be done to accommodate aging-in-place and mobility in the future.


Similar to bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations are also highly recommended when it comes to resale value. An unfunctional or outdated kitchen can easily be a major turnoff to any potential buyers. In addition to resale, a kitchen renovation is a perfect way to update or change the layout. Incorporating your kitchen into an open floor plan or installing a kitchen island, is a great way to improve both functionality and overall value. Look for more kitchen renovation inspiration with these ideas and suggestions. 


A basement renovation is a major undertaking, but it also recoups a sizeable amount, making it well worth it. At a 70% recoup, there’s a lot that can be done in basements both for lifestyle and resale value. Turning a basement into a suite, entertainment room, or another living room, are all valuable both to your home and yourself. Basements are also a great means of easily increasing the square footage of your home without building a new extension.


Exterior renovations are just as important as the interior, since the way your house looks from the outside is what will first draw people in. Beyond just aesthetic value and appeal, exterior renovations are also a great chance to improve energy efficiency. By keeping your energy bills low, you save money, but it also adds value to the home. Some exterior renovations can also work as both home value and lifestyle boost, such as installing a backyard deck.


Installing a new roof is also a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and help lower energy bills. The type of roofing material and style can also be taken into consideration for aesthetic styling to update the look of your home. Otherwise, roofs done with materials such as asphalt and metal can recoup 68.2% and 60.9% of their costs respectively. 


Deck installations are a great means of creating the perfect outdoor entertainment space, as well as increasing home value. Major renovations to increase the square footage of homes can also mean installing new additions to your home. However, if you have a large backyard, then a deck is also a perfect way to increase your home’s footprint. If you install a wooden deck, it will naturally absorb sunlight, keeping your deck space cool even during hot summers. It will also recoup 75.6% of the cost, so even if you sell down the road it’s a worthwhile investment. 

Windows and doors 

Window and doors can be replaced to double up on energy-efficiency benefits. However, they can also be done to really give the feeling of a Calgary home makeover. Installing bay or bow windows is a great way to expand the feel of a room and create an appealing exterior view. As for entrances, installing a grand entrance is not only eye-catching from the outside, it can also recoup 71.9% of its cost. Having both nice windows and a grand entrance will also increase the curb appeal of your home, making it even more attractive to potential buyers.

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