Major kitchen components a general contractor can tackle

Kitchen renovations can be stressful when you try to tackle everything at once, but it doesn’t have to be. When you work with a general contractor, they’ll take away that stress by breaking down each part of the renovation. Whether a full or partial change, there are four major components to focus on: layout, materials, lighting and finishing touches.

Built By Eddy Contracting in Calgary provide professional development, remodeling and upgrade services for your home. They share how their general contractors can help tackle each part of a kitchen renovation:

Optimizing the layout

Having the right layout for your kitchen is one of the most important parts of a remodel. You want a layout that will match both your lifestyle, as well as suit your needs. A great rule of thumb to apply when renovating for a new floor plan renovation is the “work triangle.” Essentially, the distance between the refrigerator, stove, and sink should never be less than four feet or more than nine feet. By cutting down on wasted steps, your new kitchen layout will be the perfect combination of functionality with an aesthetic layout.

General contractors, armed with years of optimizing kitchens, will know just how to apply this rule to any layout. They will also know just what sort of layout and design will best suit your lifestyle. If you love to entertain, for example, an open concept kitchen is perfect. On the other hand, an L-shape design is ideal for those avid home cooks.

Quality materials and finishes

When you invest in a kitchen renovation, you’re also investing in the quality of work and materials. The three big areas to do so are countertops, cabinets, and flooring. Depending on what type of renovation you are doing, the prices will vary. Still, quality doesn’t have to mean high-end marble or costly hardwood floors. Instead, choose either vinyl or laminate which can mimic the look of real wood and is much more cost-effective. Resurface your cabinets or opt for a natural stone countertop to still get a quality finish, but with an affordable price tag.

If you’re not sure where to save and where to spend, talk to your general contractor. Their experience and trusted vendors mean they will help you with finding the perfect choice. They’ll also act within your budget, so you won’t have to sacrifice quality or appearances when it comes to the perfect renovation. Once the work begins in earnest, a general contractor will handle hiring only qualified and experience trade workers for the job.

The right lighting and fixtures

Kitchens, in particular, require a lot of lighting for cooking, prepping, and overall tone. Don’t focus on one style; instead, choose a nice variety of different lights and space them around the kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting is fantastic for taskwork and will highlight any features such as that new backsplash. Choose center island lights for more ambient lighting, and pair them with decorative fixtures to add a real feature touch. A popular choice is to use pendant lights, but take your time and browse other fixture options before you decide. For your general lights, choose a simpler design. In this case, recessed lights will provide all the lighting you need and pair perfectly with your ambient lights.

Use the fact that you are updating your lights to also improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. Either LED or fluorescent bulbs are low energy and long lifespan choices, that are great for kitchens. Your general contractor will know their way around setting up the right lighting, so talk to them for some ideas. If you want fixtures that make a statement or prefer pure functionality, a general contractor will know just what to suggest.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Finishing touches will do just as much to spruce up a kitchen as they will truly pull everything together. Add feature knobs to your cabinets or decorative backsplash, for example, for focal points around the room. The right paint colour scheme will add dimension and variation, so pair colours that either complement or contrast. Don’t forget to update those old faucets as well, with something having a little more flair or colour. Chrome, nickel or even black are all popular choices for kitchen finishes. With an eye for design details, your general contractor will help suggest the best finishing touches for your kitchen renovation. Take a look at some more finishing ideas, to incorporate into your own kitchen. 

General Contractors in Calgary

Built By Eddy Contracting focuses on getting to know their clients first to create a perfectly tailored renovation project. With over 25 years of experience and skills, they guarantee your home is in the right hands. By focusing on getting to truly know their clients, they ensure every renovation has a personal touch. They offer custom kitchen, bathroom, and basement developments for all your needs.

Contact Built By Eddy Contracting today and get started on your next renovation!

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