Major or minor? Know your types of roof repairs

When it comes to issues with your roof, not all damage is the same. Knowing when the damage is major or minor can save the risk of costly and unexpected repairs or full replacements. If you do need roof repair, hire a professional company like ROOFKING to help. They’ll handle any repairs, major or minor.

Minor roof repairs: missing shingles

Gaps in the roof from missing shingles look bad and can affect your home’s overall curb appeal. If left unrepaired, it invites the risk of water getting in and causing more severe water damage. Storms or poor initial installation can be the causes of missing shingles. Still, the roof repairs for this is a minor fix, especially if caught early. A professional will replace the shingles and ensure they are properly secured.

Minor roof repairs: loose flashing

Regular maintenance and annual inspections can help catch loose flashing before it worsens. Otherwise, signs like water leaking into the attic or home also indicate flashing problems. Flashing is a thin material installed to help direct water away from areas of the roof, like chimneys, vents, or skylights. Exposure to wind, rain, or hail can eventually cause damage to the flashing. Most roofing repairs are easily handled, but the shingles surrounding the damaged area will need to be removed for more severe damage. The process is still easy and quick for a professional. Once resealed, you won’t have to worry about leaks around those areas.

Major damage: debris or impact damage

Impact damage to a roof can cause severe damage, costly repairs, and possible re-roofing. Large trees are a major culprit of this, especially when major storms knock loose nearby tree branches. Branches falling onto the roof can knock out shingles, damage the structure, or even cause the roof to collapse. Even debris can lead to problems, like trapped leaves collecting moisture and leading to rot. After any major storm, take the time to inspect your roof for obvious signs of damage. Also, have a professional come in for an inspection and handle any repairs right away. If there are nearby trees, take the time to maintain and prune their branches. This can prevent them from coming down on your house during a big storm.

Major damage: ice dam damage

Depending on the state of your roof and where the dam forms, ice dams can cause major or minor damage. Either type of damage is never ideal, especially when it’s major. Ice dams form when the heat from the home escapes through the roof and causes snow on the roof to melt. As it does, the water runs down until it reaches the eaves, and in colder temperatures will refreeze. Roofs that are older or have damaged shingles risk the water forcing itself under the shingles. This will quickly lead to leaks, severe water damage, and risk the integrity of the roof itself. Ice dams can be prevented with proper attic ventilation and insulation, which stops any heat buildup. If ice dams do form and cause damage, have a professional do repairs right away.

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