Major renovation trends in 2022

As the year continues to evolve and the definition of what “normal” means changes, and with it are major renovations. New trends are coming into the scene to add value to your home or a whole new function. Staying on top of great ideas will help you prepare for your next renovation or addition. 

KEEN Construction in Langley is a professional home renovations company. They share some trends and project ideas for your next major home renovation:

Home offices

When it comes to adding square footage in your home, it’s no longer about adding a second living room. Instead, home offices are becoming a popular addition across many homes. Whether or not you are working from home or balancing a hybrid home-office schedule, a home office is a must. It’s a great space to catch up on extra work, meet with a client or even let your kids use the space for homework.

Designing the space just right will help maximize concentration, motivation and even productivity. Potential buyers will also appreciate having the home office option, making your home a market contender. Check out these home office ideas for inspiration. 

Bringing the outdoors closer

The right home addition can create a flow and function between your indoor and outdoor spaces. An outdoor kitchen, expanded seating accessed through double doors or a connecting sunroom are popular options. Your renovation contractor can help you design an addition that brings the outdoors closer and creates more opportunities for you to enjoy those spaces. 

The connection between inside and out helps add a fresh new look and feel to your home. If you’re spending a lot of time indoors, this can significantly help break that monotony and boost your mood. Outdoor kitchens, deck additions, or sunrooms easily add extra square footage without renovating an existing room. As a result, you can host more guests or enjoy a change of scenery on a nice day without leaving home.

A flexible space (for entrepreneurs) 

This type of home addition is about creating and designing a flexible space for all your needs. The extra room can be turned into your home art space, a creative studio, or maybe a space to promote products. If you work from home or have a side job, like leading yoga classes or storing shipments, this space can double as just that.

It can be even be designed to work as a guest room with a murphy bed and some bedroom accessories so guests can always stay the night when needed. Flexible spaces can easily be changed to accommodate your new or evolving needs. Down the road, if you plan to sell, buyers can use the extra room however they want, which is an added appeal.

Major Renovations and Home Additions in Langley

KEEN Construction prides itself in turning houses into homes their customers love to be in. They can help with custom builds, renovations, project management, interior design and more. But, they’re more than just a home construction company. They’re a team of artists, and they invite you to experience your home renovation in a new way. 

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