Major renovations for major relaxation

Major renovations can provide a significant change and upgrade for your home, turning it into a place of relaxation. Working with an experienced team ensures your renovation is a true reflection of your family and needs.

Shelter Ridge Build + Design in Abbotsford is a professional home renovation company and custom home builder. They share how they can help ensure your major renovation brings major relaxation from everyday demands.

Consider the bedroom

The bedroom should be at the top of the list when planning to inject more relaxation into your home. Not only is it where you spend a lot of time, but it’s also where you relax at the end of the day. When designing the bedroom, use proper storage space to keep clutter off the floor. That can be done with seating under a window seat or built-in shelving accentuating the wall. Expanding windows is another great way to add a sense of spaciousness and light to the bedroom. Of course, the right colour will make just as big of a difference, whether using pastel shades for a calmer feel or a bright feature wall for some visual fun.

Expand the bathroom

Next to the bedroom, the bathroom is another room where a lot of time is spent. Instead of having it be a room that you rush to use in preparation for the day, enjoy the space. A spacious spa-like bathroom with a sense of airiness will help you feel far more relaxed when getting ready. It’ll also be a calming space to enjoy at the end of the day for some pampering. Expand the bathroom space to allow more room to move, then install a glass-enclosed shower and separate soaker tub. If you can install a window, that’ll help with extra natural lighting and brightness. Best of all, bathroom expansions and redesigns like this will pay off down the road for any aging-in-place plans. 

Redesign the heart of the home

As the heart of your home, the kitchen shouldn’t just be a bustling, busy space. It should also be a calming and relaxing space to enjoy cooking or spending time with family. Proper kitchen storage will go a long way in boosting that relaxation and overall function. Stylish kitchen cabinets, storage in the island, or deep walk-in pantries will keep the clutter away. Proper lighting and quiet colours will add a warm, natural ambience to the space. Lighting under the cabinets or accent lighting offers different lighting options while preparing food. If you have the space, a breakfast nook is another excellent way to add a space designed to sit and relax or to enjoy informal meals at any time.

Major Renovations and Home Additions in Abbotsford

Shelter Ridge Build + Design approaches home designs as a place of rest, relaxation, and shelter. They pride themselves on major renovations and custom home building services that don’t bring stress and chaos but help match your life and goals. With over 50 years of experience in both residential and commercial construction, and a passion to match, your home is in the right hands.

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