Major renovations with long-term benefits

Typically, the decision to renovate comes down to two reasons: renovating for yourself or renovating to improve your home’s resale value. But, if you’re renovating with long-term benefits in mind, then these two reasons can be turned into one. With the right upgrades and design changes in mind, your renovation can benefit you now and long into the future.

Greystone Custom Homes in Calgary is a professional home renovation company. They share some major renovations ideas that also have long-term benefits:

Go for a more open and connected feel

If your home has lots of walls and narrow doorways that make everything feels closed off, consider taking out some walls. Open floor concepts are not only a popular trend now, but it’s practical for future needs. Open and connected spaces mean it is easier to navigate and move around your home. Widening doorways as well will make it easier to navigate through, especially for those with mobility issues. It is also visually much more appealing. Narrow doorways create a confined feel, while wide entrances are open and welcoming.

Don’t leave ‘dead space’

By ‘dead space,’ it means rooms or areas of your home that don’t have or aren’t serving any purpose. If you have lots of bedrooms, but your kids have all moved out, it’s time to do something with their old rooms. If you have side-by-side bedrooms, consider taking out the wall to create one large, new room. Either you can create a new sitting room, a large guest room or consider moving your master bedroom down to the main level. Stairs may not be an issue now, but having to climb up and down flights of stairs may become a problem long-term.

You can also add storage beneath the stairs for easy access and increased storage areas or even consider putting in a small office nook. Find more inspiration and ideas for how to make the most of any dead space in your home.

Renovate your bathroom for accessibility 

Bathroom renovations are popular as it is, so if you planning to renovate it anyway, make sure it has accessible upgrades. Things such as turning your bathtub into a walk-in shower or lowering the toilet, make it easier for visiting family or future needs. A walk-in shower also opens up more space, so you have more room to maneuver in your bathroom. Also, consider installing bars or a bench in the shower both for added safety but also to enjoy those spa-like perks!

Likewise, invest in those eco-friendly options now, instead of down the road. Not only is it practical but saving money long-term is always a nice perk.

Make your kitchen design-friendly for all ages 

Popular kitchen renovations usually include increasing storage, upgrading appliances or even opening the layout. These are all great but also keep in mind design upgrades that work for any age. Rounded corners, slide-out shelving or pull-out cutting boards are both children safe, but also friendly to elders. Add flooring that is both easy to clean and non-slippery for another lifestyle and age-friendly boost. Also consider installing lower storage options, so that you don’t have to reach up high or struggle to pull heavy storage doors. 

Major Renovations in Calgary

Greystone Custom Homes is a professional renovation company that offers entire home or specific room renovations. Their goal is to turn your dreams into reality, and they pride themselves on doing just that. With only the best quality service and care, you won’t go wrong choosing Greystone Custom Homes.

Don’t hesitate to contact them today for your next renovation needs!

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