Make the change to natural gas features in your home

There are several benefits to choosing natural gas appliances, such as cheaper to run and better heat distribution. With gas fireplaces, there is even the ambiance of having a real flame instead of heated coils you get with an electric fireplace. Installing a gas line on your deck or patio is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to propane barbeques.

You might think that gas appliances are more expensive, but over time the savings to your utility bill makes them a worthwhile investment.

Badger Mechanical Works in Calgary is available for your home’s natural gas needs. Whether converting electric appliances to gas ones or installing new lines for an upgraded outdoor area, they’re a safe pick. Their extensive plumbing and gasfitting knowledge can help you get the kitchen, living room, and outdoor area of your dreams. If you have been looking for a sign to make the conversion to natural gas from electric, consider this it.


Choosing between gas and electric appliances is a tough one, but there are many benefits to choosing gas. Typically, gas stoves have a longer life since they have fewer parts than electric ones. They also are known to heat more rapidly, and the heat distribution is considered better than electric. If you’re a person who spends a lot of time cooking for your family or as a hobby, a gas range might be the better pick for you.


There’s nothing like a chilly evening curled up at home with a glowing fire! Even though we’re heading into warmer months, we all know Canadian weather likes to throw curveballs. Natural gas fireplaces use a real flame to create a warm and cozy spot to curl up in. Plus, you don’t have to worry about purchasing wood or cleaning up after it either. Find the ambiance you’re looking for on those cooler nights with a natural gas fireplace.


A natural gas line has many benefits for gas barbeques. You never have to worry about your propane tank running out halfway through grilling dinner since you are on your own supply. It’s convenient and cost-effective. Plus, gas barbeques are also known for giving food a more traditional grilled flavour, exactly what you want when you’re barbecuing!

Fire Pit

One of the biggest benefits of running a natural gas line for a backyard fire pit is that you are able to control the strength of the flame. Having a smaller or a bigger fire can be done with a twist of a knob to allow more gas. You also don’t have to worry about making sure that the fire is completely out at the end of the night. You can just turn off the gas and head to bed. Having a gasline installed outdoors can also be used for outdoor patio heating and smaller fire tables.

Plumbers in Calgary

Badger Mechanical Works is a full service plumbing, heating, and gasfitting company in Calgary. They are an easy choice for your home’s natural gas needs. Whether you’re looking for installation, testing, repairing, or relocating existing natural gas lines, they are the right pick to call. Their extensive experience with residential interior and exterior gas lines means that you can feel safe when choosing their expertise.

Find out more today with Badger Mechanical Works.

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