Make your custom home dreams come true

A custom home is a dream come true for many. For others, it may be a dream that seems out of reach. Budget is often a factor here. The thing is, even on a budget, with the right planning and the right help, you may still be able to manifest your luxury custom home.

In this article, Best Built Construction Group in the Greater Vancouver area, shares some insight on how you can turn your custom home vision into reality.

The lock-up stage

For those who want to buy a custom home, getting a bank loan is often what stops them. This is because banks won’t often agree to a loan for a custom home until the lock-up stage. Lock-up is a term used to describe the building stage when a home can be locked up. In other words, a home will reach the lock-up stage when the walls, windows and doors are in place, and then you can lock up the property. When banks will only offer loans at this stage, it can present a problem for those who can’t fund their custom home project before the lock-up stage.

Find the right financing

If this is a problem you’re facing, Best Built Construction Group has a solution. As part of their financing, they offer an initial construction loan. This means that if your bank will not provide a loan until the lock-up stage, Best Built Construction Group can help you get there. As a result, you won’t have to kiss your custom home dream goodbye. Instead, you will have proper financing to move forward with your vision.

Contractor experience

Another big factor in helping to make your custom home dreams a reality is choosing the right contractor. It’s crucial that you find a contractor you can trust. Moreover, when it comes to building your custom home, you want to find a contractor with lots of experience. This way, you know the building of your new home will be in good hands.

Best Built Construction Group comes to the custom home and home renovation space with over 30 years of experience! As a result, they can provide outstanding workmanship and customer service. They are ready to design and build you a home that will be your sanctuary.

Home Builders in the Greater Vancouver Area

Best Built Construction Group uses its over 30 years of experience to build custom homes throughout the Lower Mainland. They build high-end homes, but they also work on affordable housing renovations. This company also commits to finishing projects on time, so you don’t have to wait to enjoy the end results. Furthermore, happy customers are what drives their business. At Best Built Construction Group, their number one goal is to go above and beyond client expectations.

Call Best Built Construction Group today to discuss your custom dream home!

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