Make your home renovation stand out with unique features

A lot of homes were built similarly in the suburbs, so how can you make yours stand out? Adding unique features during a major renovation can help show your personality and also increase your home’s resale value.

When undertaking a major renovation, Four Elements Construction in Edmonton is well versed in creating beautiful spaces. Their experience with significant renovations will help improve looks, function, and resale value. Here are some ideas if you want something special in your home renovation plan:

Lighting and glass

These are things that aren’t typically considered in a home renovation on their own, but the importance of lighting can’t be overstated. The effects it has on the comfort and functionality of the room are essential. A lighting plan should include ambient, task, and accent lighting. Fixtures need to be well placed while also suiting your personal style. Using glass throughout the space can help enhance lighting while also showcasing other features.

Beams and posts

Showcasing ceiling beams and posts can be done in several different ways. A range of materials from finished wood to stone or brick exist depending on design choice. The ceiling is sometimes called the fifth wall but can be overlooked in the renovation plans. Use the space to showcase a rich centerpiece. Let your creativity fly when considering your unique ceiling options.

Windows and doors

Don’t forget about the opportunity that windows and doors have in a major renovation. Not only can they be incorporated into the interior design but will boost curb appeal outside too. An upgrade to the windows and doors currently found in your home can also help increase your home’s energy efficiency. This can go a long way in reducing utility bills while improving the value of your home, making a window replacement a cost-effective decision.

When you’re renovating, Four Elements will make sure all aspects of the home’s design will be considered. They’ll help you choose finishings, fixtures, and colour schemes that will best suit your taste and lifestyle.

Major renovations in Edmonton

Four Elements exists to create beautiful spaces; tailored to the needs and wants of homeowners in the Edmonton capital region. They are proud of exceeding their customer’s expectations and are committed to providing a better renovation experience. If you’re ready to overhaul your home, they’ll help create a design plan that considers looks, function, and value. Unique features in your home will help show off your personality and increase the enjoyment of your home.

Make your home stand out with Four Elements today.

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