Making the kitchen the heart of your home

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home, but what does it mean when designing that? Proper layout, colours, accessories and ambience all create a space for the whole family. Therefore, proper planning is critical to creating the perfect room where the day begins, where you eat and spend time together.

Canadian Home Renovations Ltd. in Edmonton is a professional home renovation company that can help you add beauty, function, and value to your property. They share how to renovate your kitchen to make it the true heart of the home: 

Renovate for function

Adding space to the kitchen is a delicate balance between an area to cook and move around and gather. A room with too much space can sometimes feel too vast and empty instead of welcoming. Too small, and there isn’t enough room to store appliances and move freely. When planning the space, think about how many cooks are in your home and how people gather in the room. Do they mill around the counters, like to sit at the island or help cook? In that case, widen the pathways between counters, make a larger island with extra seating or add more counter space. The key is to design to your unique home needs and lifestyle.

Add seating that makes sense.

Like in a living room, inviting spaces encourage people to sit, chat, and stay longer. A kitchen without seating doesn’t feel welcoming and might not work for a busy family. Seating in the kitchen can easily be designed and styled however you like. Seating along the island is excellent for casual breakfasts or chats while preparing meals. A breakfast nook is cozier and great for brunches or everyday family dinners. Built-in desks and seating offer a great space for kids to do crafts or homework while an adult cooks. Different seating styles offer ways to invite the family to use the area throughout the day. 

Add accessories

Beyond the practical accessories, such as appealing cabinetry hardware or stylish faucets, there’s more to add. Use bright pops of colours in your appliances or trim to add a unique touch. Eye-catching backsplash or retro-designed island stools add character and fun to the space. It’s easy to incorporate your personal touch and family dynamics into the room. Doing so helps make the kitchen feel like a family space and, as such, the heart of your home.

Kitchen Renovations in Edmonton

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