Making the most of your basement renovation

A renovation can transform your dated and retro basement into your favourite place in the house. With so much available square footage, renovating your basement with a thoughtful design plan will change how you use the space. Plus, it will increase your home’s value too.

Bond Contracting & Construction Inc. in Calgary offers complete interior and exterior renovations. Here is why now is the time to upgrade your old basement.

Utilize that space to improve your lifestyle at home

If your basement doesn’t get used or has become a disorganized storage area, Bond Contracting can help change that. Imagine how you could better use that space. For example, you can build a functional home office, a recreation room, a home gym, a play area for the kids, or another bathroom. If your family is outgrowing the main floor, additional bedrooms in the basement can accommodate that. However you imagine your new basement improve your quality of life at home, Bond Contracting can bring them to life.

Improve property value

A renovated modern basement with functional, comfortable, and attractive spaces will boost resale value. In addition, you’ll attract future buyers to the additional living space. They’ll be happy they won’t have to embark on that remodel themselves.

You can also renovate the basement into a legal secondary suite. Renting your basement suite to tenants will provide a steady income stream. You can use that to pay down the mortgage or other expenses. Homes with code-compliant secondary suites compete well in the real estate market and are attractive to savvy real estate investors. Read these tips for creating the ideal basement apartment.

Repair damage

Before your basement renovation starts, Bond Contracting and Construction can provide a thorough inspection. If you’ve had moisture issues or water damage, they can get to the root of the problem, repair, and restore the area. It would be best if you took care of those things before renovating. Otherwise, the problem will persist and damage your newly renovated basement. They’ll also make sure your other systems, like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are operational, safe, and compliant with the building code before starting the renovation.

Basement Renovations in Calgary

Now is a great time to invest in a home renovation! Whether you want to develop your basement, upgrade a bathroom, or remodel your kitchen, start by contacting Bond Contracting and Construction. They offer complete renovation and project management services to Calgary and surrounding areas. Their experienced team provides a hassle-free renovation experience and can help you create beautiful, comfortable, and valuable living spaces.

Contact Bond Contracting and Construction today!

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