Master bathroom expansion tips and ideas

A master bathroom can be a luxurious space that blends spa-like elements with elegance and function. A remodel to expand a small master bathroom is a great investment. Not only will it boost your lifestyle, but it’ll help attract potential buyers and increase resale value down the road.

Talee Renovations Inc. in Calgary is a professional renovations company. Mike from Talee Renovations Inc. shares some tips and ideas for remodelling and expanding your master bathroom:

If you can’t expand, build-out

Ideally, a master bathroom should be expanded with the space of the home. A sizable walk-in closet or adjacent bedroom, for example, can be partially or fully converted into extra bathroom space. Still, it’s not always possible to build in, so build out instead. A wall bump-out or new addition are great ways to add square footage to your home and expand the master bathroom. A new addition can be worked into a larger expansion like adding a whole new room in addition to extra space for the bathroom. Even just an extra two feet can make a lot of difference in the flow and spaciousness of the room.

Don’t move the plumbing, unless it’s a must

Unless you have the budget or reasonable need, moving the plumbing and fixtures is a costly thing to do. Moving or installing new pipes will also mean that the walls and floors need to be opened (and then resealed) to accommodate the new plumbing. If there’s a way to avoid doing so while still improving the space and layout, then it’s worthwhile. Converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower, for example, immediately opens up the floor space. The glass enclosure also adds a sense of airiness and spaciousness to the room and is a clever design trick. If moving the plumbing and fixtures is necessary, then work with a professional to plan the move properly. A well-designed master bathroom will pay for itself with added value and potential buyer appeal in the future. 

Use the work triangle

Kitchens typically follow the work triangle, but it’s just as useful in the bathrooms. The same work triangle concept, to improve layout, flow, and movement, will apply just as easily to a master bathroom. Instead of the stove, fridge, and sink, a bathroom would focus on the toilet, shower, and vanity. Once applied, the space and layout of your master bathroom will be visually appealing and highly functional when moving around. 

Add luxury where it makes sense

It’s true that master bathrooms are generally the most luxurious bathroom in the home, but don’t focus on just that aspect. Don’t get swept up in just using luxury materials and fixtures and additions because it won’t always add value. With a bathroom, you want to strike the right balance between luxury and function. Choosing high-quality fixtures, plumbing, and shower designs, for example, will all pay off in their durability and longevity. Using paint and décor like a stylish soaker tub or natural stone tiles is how you can create the feel and look of luxury without the cost.

Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

Talee Renovations Inc. takes personal pride and care in every project they work on to ensure absolute satisfaction and quality. They work closely with each customer to find custom solutions and designs that perfectly suit personal needs and fit the home. Every project is handled right the first time, so you always get long-lasting results, better value, and a dream home you’ll love to spend time in. 

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