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Are you tired of dealing with disorganized, crammed cabinets and shelving? Not only is it annoying to have to remove everything in the cupboard to get what you need, all that bending, ducking and reaching is bad for your body too! That’s where ShelfGenie of Edmonton can help!

Get more space with glide-out shelves.

ShelfGenie can create custom-made pull-out shelves for your existing cabinets in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, laundry room, home office, entertainment room or any room in the house! Having glide-out shelves will allow you to better organize your things and easily access them without all that bending and reaching. Just pull out the shelf, get what you need, and roll it back in!

ShelfGenie’s Glide-Outs are easy to clean, making the chore of cleaning out your cabinets and pantry a breeze. They have a Kerwin Coating on them to protect the surface, making them more durable and easy to quickly wipe down.

What is the ShelfGenie installation process?

Before you decide to go with ShelfGenie’s glide-out shelving storage solutions, you’ll receive a FREE in-home consultation with one of their trained and certified designers. During the consultation, you’ll discuss your needs and the designer will learn what you need to improve accessibility, storage space and organization.  That means your custom storage solution will be built specifically to what you need to store and how you use it!

After the consultation and when you decide to hire ShelfGenie, measurements of your existing cabinetry will be taken and they will provide a solution that is a true custom fit to your space. Then your design plan will go to the workshop where the glide-out shelves will be built to those specifications. Once the product is built, it will be installed by a certified ShelfGenie installer at a time that is convenient to you.

Then you can start enjoying your new glide-out shelving!

“I absolutely cannot even think of cooking in my kitchen without my Glide-Outs. I am so organized now, and my life is clutter-free!” – J. Weatherbrook.

Closet and Storage Solutions in Edmonton

ShelfGenie of Edmonton’s quality solutions, design process, service and dedicated team of professionals are unmatched in the business. ShelfGenie Glide-Out shelves are made of the finest quality materials and come with the best service and warranties in the industry for your peace of mind.

They manufacture proprietary mounting brackets to precise specifications and our exclusive rails hold up to 100 lbs, so you won’t have to worry about damaging them with heavier storage items. ShelfGenie’s goal is to provide innovative solutions that have a truly positive impact on the daily lives of homeowners.

Want to maximize space in your cabinets? Contact ShelfGenie of Edmonton today!


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