Maximizing your exterior paint renovation with linseed paint

There are a few ways to maximize value and appeal for exterior paint renovations. Using the correct type of paint will last for years, protect your home, and boost curb appeal. Linseed paint is one type of paint that offers all that and more, making it an excellent investment.

Once in a Lifetime Painting in Winnipeg is a professional painting company that uses organic, chemical-free paint. They share the benefits of using linseed paint to boost value and curb appeal:

What is linseed paint?

Linseed oil paint is a type of paint that is made using natural ingredients, including linseed seed oil and natural pigments. Since there are added chemicals, the paint is VOC-free and safe for most people with allergies. The paint also won’t need to be diluted with solvents, so the colour stays pure and robust for years.

Multi-surface use

Unlike other paints, linseed paint penetrates surfaces for a deeper, longer-lasting result. It needs little maintenance, and pure linseed oil paint never cracks or peels once applied. No moisture is trapped in the paint, so it won’t risk rotting the surface even when applied to wood. The paint can be applied to almost any surface, including already painted ones. Any trim, siding, metal surfaces, or windows can be painted with linseed paint.


While the initial cost of linseed paint tends to be higher than other paints, you get more coverage. One gallon of regular paint will cover around 400 sq. ft., while linseed paint can cover around 650 sq. ft. In addition, once applied, linseed paint will last for 15 years or more with no maintenance needed. Regular paint tends to need repaint or repair after a couple of years, so the cost will slowly creep up. With linseed paint, you’ll only save more money over the years and enjoy your new curb appeal for longer. Get some ideas for your project with these home exterior paint colour ideas.

Work with a professional

The final piece to maximizing the value and appeal of your exterior paint job is to work with a professional. Companies like Once in a Lifetime Painting specialize in using chemical-free and organic paints. Their team also uses a “heat and scrape’ technique to help remove old layers of paint to create a fresh surface. With their help and expertise, they’ll handle the significant undertaking of painting your home’s exterior. Relying on professional service saves more time, money in the long run and ensures a quality look and finish.

Painters in Winnipeg

Once in a Lifetime Painting is more than just a company name; it’s part of their insurance to their customers. When their team helps with a paint job, they guarantee the results will last for years. Whether interior or exterior, no matter how big or small the job, their team is always ready to help. They’re Winnipeg’s only organic, chemical-free painting company!

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