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While most of the blogs written on are focussed on home improvements, we do have general contractors in Edmonton that specialize in commercial and medical clinic construction and renovations. If you own a medical, dental or wellness clinic, Wolfe Construction in Edmonton offers some tips on renovating your clinic:

Hire an experienced professional.

Clinic renovations are different that home renovations. Not only does your space have a very different function than residential spaces, it also must meet governing college compliances and must go through a variety of special inspections. That is why hiring a general contractor with lots of knowledge and experience on clinic construction and renovations is so important.

Spend some time on design.

Perhaps you’re renovating your clinic because it’s incredibly dated or because you’re just tired of the same boring rooms every day. You want to create a warm and welcoming reception area for your patients and clients and need the layout and design of the clinic to create a productive atmosphere. Wolfe Construction’s designers and project managers will work with you, discussing efficient ways to maximize the functions in your areas, make it more ergonomic and productive for you and your staff and improve exam room function.

Be prepared for disruption.

Renovations can be an intrusion, there is just no way to get around that. Keep your busiest periods in mind when scheduling your renovation and make sure there is a safe route for your patients to move through the renovation or construction areas. Talk to your general contractor about how intrusive parts of the renovation will be and consider closing the clinic for a short period until a bulk of the work is completed.

Create a budget and leave some wiggle-room.

Wolfe Construction will help you create a budget for the renovation project. This budget will include items like materials, supplies, hiring of sub-trades and contractors, labour, inspections and other costs. Having all of this in detail will help you keep a budget, but keep at least a 10 per cent buffer for unforeseen problems. Though most renovations will run smoothly, you should always be prepared for the unknown.

General Contractors in Edmonton

Wolfe Construction is a general contractor based out of Edmonton, Alberta, providing a vast range of construction services. From design inception to project completion, their expertise and solution-driven processes make them a valued partner to businesses across industries. They offer full renovation and construction services to the residential, commercial and medical sectors from the foundation up!

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