Meet Sophie: Sophisticated Home Automation

What if you could control your home with a simple voice command?

Meet Sophie.  Sophie is an innovative home automation technology offered by Shore 2 Shore Automation that will provide sophisticated custom-designed home automation at an affordable price.  By using the Sophie Home Automation System, you will be able to control all of the systems in your home including lights, devices, appliances, home theatre, audio and video, security, climate, telephones, sprinkler system and many others.

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Speak a command or touch a button and Sophie will make it so. Sophie will work on smart phones and tablets running Android, IOS or Windows.  No more thumbing through dozens of individual “apps” to control something in your home.  With Sophie you have control of your entire home right in the palm of your hand.

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Custom Designed Home Automation

Shore 2 Shore will sit down with you at the blueprint stage or renovation planning stage of your project to better understand your lifestyle, needs and desires.  Their experienced team of professionals will design the ideal solution for your family at a price you can afford.  With packages starting at $10,000, Shore 2 Shore has a solution to fit into almost any budget.

Shore 2 Shore Automation can design a custom home automation system that will enhance your lifestyle, security and protect your family.  With Sophie, your home automation options are limited only by your imagination.

Home Automation & Home Security with Shore 2 Shore

The team at Shore 2 Shore Automation in Edmonton are experts in Home Automation, Audio and Video, Home Security and Information Technology; and offer all of these services..  They’re committed to their customers,  passionate about technology and can’t wait to show you how it can enhance your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for an industry-leading Home Automation Solution, Home Theatre and Security Camera/Alarm Systems that are easy to operate, get in touch with Shore 2 Shore Automation and let them show you what they can offer.  You’re going to love it.

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