Metal roofing: why copper should be a top contender   

If you’re looking for a roof that is long-lasting, durable, and undeniably beautiful, there’s no better choice than copper. Metal roofing has some fantastic benefits, and copper is superior roofing material.

Here are the reasons why a new copper roof should be among your top choices:

Its captivating appearance boosts curb appeal

Unlike other roof materials that slowly decay as they age, copper only improves with time. As copper roofs oxidize, the colour begins to change. These hues can range from various shades of bronze, dark browns, and, finally, a familiar green. These changes create a thin layer known as patina, which acts as a protective layer against further corrosion. Don’t worry, though, the change doesn’t happen instantly. It takes many years, and the process is subtle. In the end, it helps add a unique characteristic to your home and enhances that curb appeal.

Metal shingles nowadays can replicate the look of most other roofs, which will also boost curb appeal. This means that you can have the look of slate, cedar shingles, shake, standing seam or even tile. You’ll still get all the benefits of copper, but with a finish that will complement any architectural style.

Energy-efficient and weather resistant

The durability and virtually zero maintenance of copper are other characteristics that make it so appealing. High winds, heavy rain, snow, you name it, and a copper roof will withstand it. It’s also resistant to things such as rot, warping, termites or even fungus growth. Copper is a very lightweight material, which is beneficial to your home’s structure and makes it easier and less expensive to install.

Metal roofs are quite energy-efficient, as they naturally reflect light, and copper is no exception. Cooper roofs paired with proper ventilation will be incredibly energy-efficient. Homeowners will especially appreciate this during the summer when their homes stay cool, and their energy costs remain low. Couple an energy-efficient roof with these other quick and easy for whole-home energy savings. 

The investment is high but worthwhile

The main deterrence of copper for homeowners is its cost. If asphalt shingles are the most affordable choice, then copper can be twice the cost. Keep in mind, though, that copper has a very long lifespan, no maintenance costs for 50 years and won’t have to be replaced during your lifetime.

Still, because of its upfront cost, a copper roof is only the best choice if you plan to stay in your home long-term. You’ll reap the benefits if you’re there to enjoy your new roof, but not if you intend to sell right away. When you do sell, though, having a copper roof will give your home a real competitive advantage. Potential buyers will prefer a higher-quality roof that they won’t have to replace or maintain anytime soon.

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