Minor Kitchen Renovations Bring Return on Investment


When people are looking at houses to buy, the first place they look is the kitchen. Whether you’re planning on selling your home or not, a kitchen renovation will increase your property value and give you a great return on investment. According to Remodelling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report a minor kitchen renovation will give you a 83% return on investment.

What is considered a minor or mid-range kitchen renovation?

If your kitchen is functional, but just out-of-date, there are things you can do to upgrade it without tearing the whole thing out. You can leave the cabinet boxes in place but replace the fronts and install new hardware. According to Elite Kitchen’s, changing the doors, end panels, toe kick, crown molding and light valence will cost about 65% of a brand new kitchen renovation.

If you’re not happy with your current cabinets at all and would like new ones completely, Elite Kitchens specializes in custom built kitchen cabinets.  You’ll have the opportunity to work with experienced carpenters and help design kitchen cabinets that will suit your personal style and practical needs.

If you need a little inspiration for custom designs, you can see what other homeowners and designers are doing on Houzz.com – Custom Kitchen Cabinets.  Whether you’re having new custom cabinets built, or just replacing faces and hardware, you can view available products, accessories, hardware and special custom features on websites like www.rev-a-shelf.com and www.richelieu.com.

You can also replace your old countertops. There is a high definition photo imaging laminate on the market that will give the look of granite or natural stone without the high price. There are many different stone patterns available, along with other designs, and will drastically change the look of your kitchen.

Whether you pick one or two of these projects or do all of the above, you’ll be improving your kitchen and creating a more enjoyable and more valuable space.

Do-It-Yourself Cabinetry

You don’t have to know how to make cabinets to install them. Elite Kitchens offers a DIY option for handy homeowners who are willing to assemble and install their own cabinets. They can help design the kitchen and build the cabinetry, but will prepare all the components for you packed flat on a ski ready for assembly. You’ll get the doors, end panels, crown mold and kick base. This option is perfect for those with a little know-how or even sub-contractors who don’t build their own cabinets.

Getting Started

Doing a major kitchen renovation does have many benefits, but even a minor or mid-range reno could give you the kitchen of your dreams or help you sell your home faster. Elite Kitchens offers services for new kitchen alternatives including re-facing cabinetry, new countertops, staining and lacquering.   When you hire a reputable company from the RenovationFind.com directory you know your project will be taken care of by professionals and you can expect high-quality products and service.

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