Mistakes to Avoid When Finishing a Basement

Finishing a basement is a big project and a costly investment. With so many different elements to consider like layout and materials, there’s a lot that goes into a basement renovation. It’s a good idea to be consulting with a professional as there are problems that can arise. From the team at Built by Eddy Contacting in Calgary, here are some mistakes they caution homeowners to avoid when finishing their basement. 

Not addressing water issues

If your home has outstanding water issues, it’s best to fix those right away. When taking down the walls, you may notice staining, cracks, or a leak. Or, if you’re still working with unfinished walls you may have noticed dampness or an odour. Leaving those alone will lead to bigger problems. It’ll also mean you’ll likely have to rip out your newly finished walls to fix any damage – then have everything reinstalled and finished again. A professional will be able to find the problem and come up with the necessary solution. It’ll save you money and headache to fix the problem before the walls are finished. 

Choosing the wrong flooring

There are many different kinds of flooring out there. When it comes to basements, there are different flooring textiles that are better than others. Flooring like luxury vinyl plank and tile are great flooring ideas for basements since they are very durable and moisture resistant.

Hardwood requires an extra subfloor to hold the material and may be subject to bending in a colder, potentially damper part of your home. Wood floors do not stand up to moisture. Tile is a sturdier material, but can easily become cold on your feet downstairs. Something like ceramic tile with hydronic in-floor heating would work better. Carpet is tricky. While it comes with the benefit of being warm for your feet, it may need to be replaced if your basement ever has a water issue. Overall, your best bet is to choose a vinyl plank, vinyl tile, or certain types of laminate for your basement renovation.

Not having egress windows in the bedrooms

In order for a bedroom to be properly up to code, and considered a proper bedroom, it needs a window. The size of the window, however, is very important. An egress window is one that is big enough for a person to be able to escape during an emergency. Whether it be for family members or guests, you need a large enough window. Otherwise, it can pose a safety hazard and will not be considered a legal bedroom. You can check out the City of Calgary’s egress window guidelines

Basement Renovations in Calgary

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