Mistakes to avoid when renting a junk removal bin

Renting a bin may seem straightforward, but there’s room for mistakes when getting the right size or loading correctly. Taking the time to research and understand your options carefully is an important step to take. Additionally, knowing some common mistakes will also ensure you avoid making them yourself.

Load Runner Bins in Calgary is professional disposal, recycling, and delivery company for bins. They share some common mistakes to avoid when you rent a junk removal bin:

Picking the wrong sized bin

When it comes to junk bins, it is important to take size into consideration. Renting a bin costs money, so you want to make sure you choose the right size. A bin that’s too small is both wasted time and money as you’ll quickly run out of space. Likewise, too large and the bin takes up more space and more of your budget than you need.

Load Runner Bins offer a variety of bins and in various sizes to suit your needs. Typically, bins range from 8 cubic yards and can go up to 36 cubic yards. Depending on what you plan to put in, it will affect what size you need. If you’re unsure, call the professionals and ask them. They’ll let you know the best choice both for size and maximum weight limit.

Adding too much to a bin

Most bins will have a marker telling you the allowed maximum amount of loaded debris. Overfilling a bin leads to a variety of safety risks for yourself and those around you during transport. It may be that the tarp can’t fit over the top of the bin or that debris falls out when reloading the bin to the transport truck. That can potentially damage the bin or truck and result in additional fees for repair. That adds up unnecessary additional expenses that can be avoided by properly loading the bin.

Mixing and loading any material

While there is a wide range of junk that can go into a bin, there are also just as many items that shouldn’t go in. Mixing materials invites safety risks to those unloading, and there’s the risk of contamination. You may also end up paying more for a mixed load than for a bin of just standard items. Things such as chemicals, paints, big items like fridges or tires, are considered “special” items. Unlike standard items, these need to be handled differently and kept separate. For a list of what materials are or are not allowed or what calls for special handling, take a look at the City of Calgary landfill information.

Not distributing weight evenly

It may be tempting to just throw everything into a bin without thought, but proper weight distribution is key. Similar to loading a moving van, load heavy objects first and then layer lighter items on top. Uneven weight distribution is not only dangerous during transport, but it can cause damage to the bin. In some cases, you may have to unload the bin and properly reload it again before it is transportable.

Junk Removal in Calgary

When you need to rent a bin to remove junk, Load Runner Bins is the company to call. They remove all standard items such as yard waste, fencing, sheds, and more. They offer different styles of bins in various sizes to ensure you get the right bin for the job. If you have any questions or concerns, Load Runner Bins is there to help.

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