Mistakes to avoid with a kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations generally focus on what improvements or additions will add the most value, function, and aesthetics. While beneficial when planning, it’s just as important to know what things you should avoid. Forgetting certain elements or making a simple mistake can result in unfavourable results. You want to make sure you’re going to love your new kitchen.

Terrafirma Industries Ltd. In Vancouver is a professional home renovations company. They share some mistakes to avoid during a kitchen renovation:

Ignoring the work triangle design

The work triangle is key when it comes to function. In kitchens, the work triangle prevents wasted space and improves movement throughout the area. The triangle itself is set between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. These three elements can be anywhere in the kitchen but should never cut through the kitchen island by more than 12 inches. It’s a precise calculation that is best ensured with a professional but once implemented, it creates a very visually pleasing layout. Plus, it makes using the kitchen comfortable and efficient.

Taking time to create a lighting plan

Another rule of three that shouldn’t be ignored is planning and implementing proper lighting. When you’re so focused on beautiful countertops, tile, and new appliances, it can be easy to forget. Overhead, task and accent lighting in the kitchen will ensure even lighting, stylish spotlights, and easier food prep. Recessed lights are great from general and overhead lighting since it easily brightens and lights the whole room. For clever task lighting, install under cabinet lighting. You can get close lighting when chopping or preparing food or as night lights. Accent lighting is where you can have some visual fun by installing stylish hanging lights above the kitchen island. These will be both decorative as well as provide softer, ambient lighting.

Skimping out on the counterspace

Planning the counters doesn’t just mean what type of material or style you want, but also planning for the space. The worst thing in a kitchen is realizing you just don’t have enough counter space to store appliances or prepare food. Too much counter space can be just as wasteful if you don’t need it it, so finding the right balance is key.

To that end, start by measuring the space in your kitchen and then think about where the counter could fit. Clever kitchen layouts like galley kitchens, L-shape counters, or a separate island are all great ways to have lots of space. Those layouts are also still visually attractive, and can make more room for cabinet storage underneath. If you need help with your kitchen, just talk with your contractor to get some ideas and possible layouts.

Planning storage last

Between colours, designs, materials and appliances, have you stopped to think about the storage? A beautifully designed kitchen won’t hold much appeal if there is little to no storage and cabinets are a major component of the room. Once you have the layout in mind, start planning storage next. That way, you can design unique solutions, maybe add a pantry, gliding shelves, corner storage, and other built-in storage elements.

Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver

Terrafirma Industries doesn’t just renovate houses; they renovate homes that you can love, flourish in, and enjoy for years. Their professionals work closely with you at every step to ensure quality, goals, and ideas are all achieved. From home renovations to kitchen and bathroom remodelling, they can help you make your house a home.

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