Modern Kitchen Upgrades under $5000

Written by Bakir Contracting in Edmonton

Modern Kitchen Upgrades under $5000.

Simple, yet effective ways to update your kitchen on a budget!

We will be outlining two recent projects completed by Bakir Contracting, where we modernized a kitchen on a budget. The primary method is cabinet painting in Edmonton, also known as cabinet refinishing. Included with cabinet painting were countertops, floors, and opening up spaces. Changing backsplash, hardware, etc are also affordable methods without breaking the bank. Why change out your high quality (but outdated) wood cabinets when you can refinish and change hardware for a fraction of the cost while maintaining the high-quality wood?

Cabinet Painting Process

There is a lot that goes into properly painting cabinets so that they last and look fresh. It is recommended you hire a pro for this particular job.


– Cloverdale Multi-Master Satin. This self-priming polyurethane paint is hands down the best product we have used for cabinets, railings, melamine, even tin – siding. Its high adhesive polyurethane formula can grip to any smooth surface (so long as it is scuff sanded prior), and its self-leveling finish is the closest to a factory finish we have seen (assuming it is sprayed properly)

– XIM primer. This is what we use as an extra precaution on any plastic areas on the cabinet such as the face/trimming, or the sides. This is an industrial-strength primer and we put a light coat prior to the Multi-Master to ensure maximum adhesion.


– take off all doors, hardware, hinges, etc.

– set up a work area in the garage or basement (we have a portable spray tent and poly + dropcloths)

– sand all doors, trim, cabinet sides lightly

– spray two coats on doors, sanding in between coats

– prime as needed

– spray or brush and roll sides and trim on cabinet boxes

– reinstall all doors, final touch up round.

White and grey two-tone with a new countertop

Here is a job where some simple changes completely transformed this kitchen! We have a nice oak kitchen cabinet and pantry set up, with an outdated orange stain look. We also have outdated laminate cabinets. The customer wanted to prepare the place to sell but did not want to spend too much of their budget. They also felt the cabinets they had were of good quality for Edmonton cabinet painting, to which we agreed!

We took off the doors and hardware, sprayed the doors and cabinet boxes in, and reinstalled. By changing the colour of the island we created a modern and sleek two-tone look, without changing any of the cabinetry. We changed the countertops to a nice granite that matched their existing floor and backsplash so that we did not have to change those out. After putting everything back together and matching the pantry door and frame, voila! A modern and clean kitchen update for under $5000.

Slate grey cabinets, warm grey floors, opening up the space


In this job, our customer was getting tired of the darker and outdated tones in the cabinets and flooring, and wanted to brighten and modernize things up! She was also getting annoyed by the tight spaces for everything. Their fridge just barely squeezed between their cabinets and pantry, and their island took up a lot of space. First, we knocked down the pantry wall, patched up the old shelving, and mudded taped, and textured the gaps.

The fridge was moved to where the old pantry was, and the customer was going to put a prebuilt IKEA pantry in place of where the fridge was. We removed the island, as the customer was going to purchase a movable cart style island. On the floor where the island was, we sanded the floor down so it was level with the rest of the kitchen.

The customer did not want to remove the old hardware or damage it with a self-leveling compound in case the new owners wanted to refinish the hardwood. We then installed floating vinyl plank flooring on top of the old hardwood in the kitchen. We went with a floating since we could install directly over the hardwood to save cost. Finally, we painted the kitchen cabinets a sleek grey to tie everything in! Another kitchen update under $5000.

If you want to renovate your kitchen on a budget, contact Bakir Contracting!

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