Mould and asbestos testing and symptoms of exposure

The last thing you want to hear or find is that there is something in it that is compromising your health like mould or asbestos. As a homeowner, it’s essential to recognize any symptoms or signs of these things. You should also never attempt to test or remove mould or asbestos yourself. When it comes to your health and safety, always call the pros to test your home.

Eco Abate Inc. in Calgary specializes in mould, asbestos, and radon testing. They share the important differences between mould and asbestos and why their professionals should handle any testing:

What is mould?

Mould is a naturally occurring presence that easily grows in specific conditions that are often created in homes. Damp, dark areas, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, for example, are ideal settings. Even less apparent areas such as humidifiers or window sealants may potentially house mould. Homes with high humidity, water leaks, poor ventilation or condensation are also at a higher risk.

Mould itself can be classified into three main types of harmful groups, although there are 12 different kinds than can grow. The classifications include allergenic, pathogenic, and toxigenic mould. Allergenic causes allergic reactions, while pathogenic mould can cause health-related problems such as difficulty breathing or coughing. Toxigenic mould, as its name suggests, can lead to deadly health problems. The most recognized toxigenic mould and the most dangerous is black mould.

Symptoms and signs of mould 

Mould is never something you want in your home, especially since it has so many serious health effects. Inhaling mould can irritate the throat, cause coughing, tighten the chest, or inflame the airways. Those with asthma or allergies will suffer from even more severe symptoms, which puts them at a higher risk. Long term exposure can also lead to lung damage or developing asthma in children.

Health-related symptoms often appear after extended exposure to mould. That said, there are other, earlier tell-tale signs of mould. Strange smells from your HVAC system, for example, dark grout on bathroom tiles, or a perpetual musky smell throughout your home. If you notice these, don’t ignore the signs, but instead call a professional.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was once commonly used in construction and new homes. The risk, however, is that as the material deteriorates or when it’s disturbed, it releases particles into the air. When inhaled, it causes severe health risks and diseases. More extended periods of exposure can cause cancer. Unlike mould, the fibres will lodge themselves in the lung tissue and cause scarring and damage. Fortunately, asbestos has been mostly discontinued since the early 1990s and is no longer used in construction. Still, houses built before this time should always be tested for asbestos, especially if you have renovation plans. You don’t want to start demolishing something to release potential asbestos particles in the air.

Mould and asbestos testing 

No amount of exposure to mould or asbestos is ideal, which is why testing is so important. Mould will cause immediate, short term symptoms, but asbestos can take years to develop. By that time, though, the damage is already severe. If you suspect any signs of mould or live in an older home and want to renovate, hire a professional first to test your home. Never attempt to DIY any testing, since the result may either be inaccurate or increase the risk of harmful exposure.

Trained and certified professionals will have the right experience and tools to test your home safely. They’ll confirm any presence of asbestos or the cause and source of any mould growth. They also help with ways to avoid any future growth of mould to keep your home safe and healthy.

Asbestos and Mould Testing in Calgary 

At Eco Abate Inc., your safety and health are their top priority and focus. Everyone on their team is fully trained and experienced when it comes to identifying any mould, asbestos, or radon in your home. If you suspect you have mould or have spotted signs, Eco Abate Inc. is the company to call for quick, safe results.

Contact Eco Abate Inc. today!

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