Mould removal FAQ

Mould is incredibly toxic for our health and must be dealt with promptly and effectively. However, traditional mould removal can take weeks to complete. It is also very expensive and may even require demolition. Fortunately, another way is dry fog mould remediation from EnviroFog Solutions.

EnviroFog Solutions in Calgary are mould removal experts. They offer patented dry fog mould removal technology.

How does dry fog removal work?

Dry fog is a demolition-free mould removal technique EnviroFog Solutions uses. During this process, tiny particles of dry fog penetrate all porous materials, destroying mould and bacteria cells. The dry fog particles rebound off all surfaces to fill the entirety of your home or office.

Will my property get wet?

No! With EnviroFog’s patented technology, nothing in your home or office gets wet. Everything will be 100% dry, and it will not leave any residue. As a result, you don’t have to remove any wall art or paintings or worry about electronics in the room. You should also keep furniture, clothing, mattresses, etc., in your home during the mould removal process. After all, mould spores get trapped inside fabrics, and you want to ensure you get it all.

Do I need to remove food from my kitchen?

The FDA has registered chemicals used by EnviroFog Solutions for food contact. However, you may still want to place all fruit and other foods left in your kitchen into your fridge. This preserves their fresh taste.

Is the dry fog method safe?

100%. All products offered by EnviroFog Solutions are green, Health Canada and EPA-registered.

Does it kill bugs?

The FDA has not registered EnviroFog’s products as a pesticide. Consequently, they cannot claim that their products kill bugs (although some homeowners have reported this to be the case).

How long until I can re-enter my home or office?

It depends on the size of your property. The experts at EnviroFog Solutions will let you know once they have your building’s specifications, but most families can reenter their homes within three short hours.

What does the mould look like after treatment?

Mould causes stains, and these remain even after the mould is removed. However, the process will kill all harmful mould spores. EnviroFog Solutions can remove materials that you find aesthetically unpleasing or provide cleaning services to remove stains at an additional cost.

How long is my home protected from mould growth?

EnviroFog Solutions offer a product called EverPURE, which is an antimicrobial protectant. It prevents mould growth for many years… as long as you resolve all humidity and moisture issues. However, if your home continues to have problems with moisture accumulation from humidity or condensation, EverPURE only provides 90 days of protection from mould growth.

Mould Testing & Removal in Calgary

EnviroFog Solutions is an industry leader in mould removal, odour removal, and pathogen removal. Their patented dry fog mould removal technology is non-invasive, effective, and efficient. All in all, it’s far less disruptive than traditional mould removal methods. Plus, it’s guaranteed 100% effectiveness.

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