Multi-lighting: Everything You Need to Know About Multi-lighting

Renovating your house can be a nightmare if you do not have a well-laid-out plan in mind. Having a specific plan will reassure that you get to the result you have dreamt of quickly, without stress and excess expenses. Drawing up a lighting plan is a vital part of any home’s renovation that will help your electrician place all the devices correctly when he gets to do his job. is there to help you acquire the equipment of your dreams for your new decoration.

Inspirational ideas

Multi Lighting offers customers a variety of lighting ideas for every room in the house, as well as the outdoor place. Whether you wish to get inspired by the 2019 design trends, which is mainly focused on a minimalist trend, or you are a more traditional individual, and you prefer a more rustic, chic style, Multi lighting offers a variety of products that will satisfy everybody’s needs.















Kitchen and bathroom decoration

The kitchen is always one of the first rooms in the house clients wish to redecorate. Multiple lighting options are available for you to choose from. For general lighting, a good choice is the recessed lights, since they can provide proper lighting to the whole kitchen. Adding lights to the cabinets, both inside or underneath them can give a more special stroke to your kitchen. As for the bathroom, ceiling light in the center of it is the most traditional choice, but can still feel free to add a recessed light, as well. Installing a wall sconce above the bathroom’s mirror can make shaving or makeup applying much easier. Multi Lighting offers a variety of products, for every taste and budget.

Bedroom and living room decoration

Installing pendant lights in your bedroom is always one of the best options. Pay attention to the room’s layout when you choose the height you want your light to get installed. Ceiling lights offer beautiful lighting of the whole place, and you could choose to integrate a light to an existing fan for more powerful lighting. The living room is a place that usually requires multiple sources of lighting. Multi Lighting offers a wide variety of options to renovate your living room, including modern or contemporary styled ones, rustic and industrial. The color options are many, as well as the shape of your chosen pieces.

Outdoor lighting

With a variety of outdoor lights to choose from, including sconces, ceiling lights, and floor lamps, customers will find the ones that match their outdoor’s style. With discounts that can reach up to 60% on many products and with the favorable return policy, customers will not face any difficulty when they order a light for their garden or courtyard.


Being among the biggest and most popular lighting stores in Canada with a catalog that includes thousands of available products and categories for every different room of your house, Multi Lighting is there to help you renovate your house and make it the ideal place for you and your family.


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