Multi-use basement renovation ideas

A basement renovation will add usable living space and resale value to your home. If you’re thinking about your basement renovation design plan, consider creating a multi-use space. 

The Deck Contractor in Abbotsford are a professional home renovations company in addition to their deck specialty . Don’t let their name fool you!  They share some multi-use ways to renovate your basement:

Home theatre and kitchenette 

Pairing a home theatre design with a small kitchenette is the perfect pairing for movie marathon nights. You can store or prepare snacks and food without ever having to press pause. The design is also ideal if you plan to redesign down the road or even sell. That electrical wiring for the home theatre can usually be repurposed for a home gym, living room, or band space. The kitchenette can be planned into a secondary entertainment space or expanded to accommodate a secondary suite. Potential buyers will love having plenty of options but also the appeal of the space as is.

Wine cellar and lounge area

Basements are a perfect place for a wine cellar, thanks to the cool and darker layout. You can also get creative with layout, décor, or size, depending on the shape and layout of your basement. That same aesthetic also plays into the benefits of adding a second living room or lounging area. That quiet space can tie in with the wine cellar style, and create a space for relaxing or spending time with loved ones, with or without wine in hand. Plus, whatever visual designs you create around the wine cellar are sure to be just as appealing for the adjacent living space. 

Bathroom and playroom

This combination is an easy pairing, especially if the playroom is for children. Basement bathrooms are a big appeal when it comes to boosting value or attracting potential buyers. Think of all those saved trips running upstairs to use the bathroom. A playroom is easy to design around small children and maintain as they grow older, like turning it into a games room instead. The layout of a spacious playroom and a bathroom can later be designed for any other use. A home office, for example, or guest bedroom would both benefit from the existing bathroom addition.

Basement Renovations

The Deck Contractor offers renovations that add value, improve your home, and last for years. Their services include deck design and building, deck repair, pergolas, patio covers and home renovations!  Whatever home service or change you need, their professionals can help.

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