Multiple Home Improvement Services

You’re a homeowner and you know that the list of home repairs  and upgrades seems to be never ending! One day you discover you need roof repair and the next your air conditioner quits! On top of that, you want to keep your home well-maintained. You know that investing in home improvements that will increase property value is important too.

Save yourself the time and stress by calling in a handyman service that can take care of a wide range of home repairs, maintenance and renovations. Call The Handy Neighbours in Edmonton.

Range of Home Improvement Services

Handyman services offer a wide variety of home repair and improvement services. From plumbing, electrical, roofing to landscaping, fences, decks and more – you can get all the items on your home to-do list checked off. Ask about home renovations, demolition and home repairs too. There is a benefit to hiring one company to take care of all those tasks. You get it done efficiently, quickly and at a better price.

Contractors You Can Trust

The Handy Neighbours have experience and know what it takes to deliver high-quality results. They have extensive knowledge and expertise and can help turn your property into the home of your dreams and take care of that long home repair list for you too!

The Handy Neighbours are fully licensed, certified and insured to meet all of your home renovation and construction needs. They are listed on RenovationFind. That means they have passed our stringent screening process and showed no credit or legal issues.

Fair Pricing

Spending money on home improvements is always a smart investment. Home improvements, renovations and regular maintenance will all help maintain and bring up your property’s resale value.

Get the biggest bang for your hard-earned buck by hiring a contractor that can do it all. You won’t have to worry about paying different fees to different companies, and since handyman services have lower overhead, you will get a better price than if you hire a full-service general contractor. A good service will work with you to provide a comprehensive quote for your job, detailing the cost of each item so you will not have any unpleasant surprises when it comes to pay the bill.

Start checking those items off your list. Contact The Handy Neighbours!


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