Multipurpose landscape designs

Landscaping your backyard isn’t just about visuals alone; it should also be practical and functional. A beautiful yard that does have function is lost potential and value. Multifunctional designs ensure your yard is attractive, enjoyable and that you’ll get the most use out of it. 

Anew View Landscape Construction Ltd. in Edmonton is a professional landscaping company. They share ways to add multipurpose designs to your yard:

Privacy plants

If your backyard is a little too open for comfort, don’t automatically think you need a large privacy fence. While that will do the trick, using greenery instead will be much more visually appealing. Plants like berry shrubs and trees are a perfect way to fill in open space and add that privacy. Not only that, but these plants tend to flower beautifully in spring and get stunning leaf colours in the fall. If you pick a berry or fruit-producing plant as well, you get the bonus of a home harvest for a yummy treat.

Water features

Your yard will benefit from an eye-catching feature that adds ambience like a water feature. A simple waterfall or designed pond creates a space for relaxing and connecting with nature. Some ponds can have fish, or the water alone will help attract birds and more wildlife. Water also can help dampen street noise and boost mental health. The sound of running water is proven to help calm and relax people, making an excellent addition to your outdoor living space.

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting can add safety, security, and ambience to your outdoor spaces. Spotlights on trees add height and elegance to the look. Shrubbery and smaller plants help chase away the shadows and add a magical feel to the space. Lighting is also the perfect way to enjoy your yard even when the sun has gone down. You can use solar lighting to enhance landscape features and create a cozy mood. Plus, well-lit pathways will prevent trips and improve safety. Having motion-sensor exterior lighting around your home will also deter potential intruders and improve your property’s security. 

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are a stylish and easy way to add height and dimension to your yard. They’re also an excellent option for tiering sloped yards. Wider walls, taller or shorter and layered around one another, add different interesting visual elements. You can use retaining walls to build up flower beds or create separation between different living spaces in the yard. For example, a retaining wall around your patio or campfire area can help define the space. Retaining walls can also double as natural seating areas. For example, you can have built-in seating in your flower garden, around the fireplace, or near the water feature. 

Landscapers in Edmonton

Anew View Landscape Construction brings experience, professionalism, and knowledge to every project. They also offer a range of materials from plant material, installations, products and more. In addition, their team provides unique and custom ideas for both commercial and residential spaces that’ll maximize, beautify, and improve function in outdoor spaces. 

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