Must-add features for your basement renovation

Whether renovating for yourself or to sell, basements are the perfect way to add value and space to your home. There is a lot of potential for the space and ways to design it creatively. There are also a few feature staples that should be added to your renovation for guaranteed long-lasting value.

Mode Contracting Inc. in Edmonton is a high-quality basement, bathroom, and kitchen renovations company. They share some features to add when planning your next basement renovation:

Add some height

No one enjoys the feeling of being in a closed-off, dark space, which basements can easily fall prey to. Without open sources of natural lighting, proper design and layout play key roles in keeping basements open and bright. Ceiling height plays a big role in that by creating a sense of spaciousness and room to move. It also allows for extra lighting, like recessed lights that don’t take up a lot of visual or physical space. If you plan to turn the space into a rentable suite later, a high ceiling will become a must. Alberta Municipal Affairs requires a minimum ceiling height of 1.95 m––at least.

Adding height is not possible for all basements, but if you’re developing an unfinished basement, ask your renovation contractor about extra ceiling height.

Consider noise reduction

Since basement ceilings are directly underneath the main floor, there’s a lot of foot traffic and noise to consider. No matter how you plan to use the basement, sound insulation will benefit any room. The same goes for keeping sounds from the basement from reaching the upstairs. Home theatres, games rooms, or kids’ playrooms can quickly become noisy spaces. Hiring a professional to soundproof the ceiling will benefit both the upstairs and downstairs in the long run. Plus, that extra insulation will help keep the basement warmer year-round.

Install windows where possible

Natural lighting has proven benefits to your health, but it also has some benefits in a basement. It helps brighten up the room, and a lighter wall can reflect the light for the illusion of even more space. Even narrow and long windows can bring in a welcome flood of sunlight for a smaller basement. Like soundproofing, windows will be a welcome addition no matter how you choose to renovate. For basement bedrooms, keep in mind that specific dimensions are legally required for egress (escape) windows.

Consider a kitchenette

Multipurpose is the main theme of feature basement additions, and kitchenettes are a perfect choice. A kitchenette is like a miniature kitchen with countertops, a refrigerator, a sink, and perhaps a few appliances. Kitchenettes can store snacks for home theatres or drinks for a home gym. The size and appliances included are completely customizable, so you can decide what is needed. Suppose you later expand the basement into a livable suite. In that case, the kitchenette can be outfitted with any missing appliances or even expanded.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton  

Mode Contracting brings 25 years of renovation experience to your home when you hire them. Their professionals all have years of experience and skill to turn your concept dreams into renovation realities. They guarantee that any renovation, whether basement, kitchen, or bathroom, will add value and appeal for years to come.

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