Must-have custom cabinet features for your kitchen

Renovating your home is an investment that can and will pay off. With kitchen renovations, in particular, adding custom cabinets is a very worthwhile investment with a great return. Plus, with custom cabinets allow for features and additions you wouldn’t get with regular stock cabinetry.

Accord Cabinets in Winnipeg professionally design, manufacture and install custom cabinets. They share some must-have features for your custom kitchen cabinets:

Custom island storage

Having an island in your kitchen works great as a featured centrepiece, and as a way of adding more counter space. It’s also a great place to sit, entertain or work. More than that, a kitchen island allows for additional, much-needed storage space.

Since an island has deep storage potential, use it for items that need lots of space. Add custom drawers, shelves or cupboards along the edges of your island for handy storage. Install your waste container drawer in the island or make the most of deeper drawers for pots and pans. Slide-out drawers with dividers inside will also let you easily store and access any big trays.

Custom pull-out shelving

Adding a custom pull-out in your kitchen lets you make the most of small areas without taking up valuable space. Rather than a spice rack on your counter, build a custom pull-out and fill it with spices instead. Need an out-of-the-way place for cleaning products? Fill your pull-out with those supplies instead!

Pull-out shelving also allows easy access to everything you have stored in the cabinet. You won’t have to take things out to get something from the back. You can also save yourself a lot of bending and reaching and will love how organized your kitchen storage can be.

Custom corner storage 

Don’t let corner storage go to waste just because the location may seem inconvenient to work with. Most corner spaces in the kitchen have plenty of storage potential, making them perfect for a custom solution. Lazy Susan’s are ideal for shallower corners, while a corner organizer can easily fit into deeper nooks. If you like the idea of drawers, then pull-out corner drawers will work just as well. Not only do you get the benefit of the visual design appeal, but it’s just as functional and useful!

Customize size and use by nearby appliances

For custom kitchen cabinets, you can customize your cabinets based on what appliances they are near to. Not only will potential buyers or homeowners appreciate nearby storage, but it’s also a convenient addition. Install deep drawers by the stove for bigger pots and pans, and a slide-out drawer for trays. Near the dishwashers, combine drawers and pull-outs for dishes storage, cutlery drawers, or towels. Whatever you tend to use the most with those appliances, should be conveniently stored nearby. Take a look at these other clever custom kitchen storage solutions for even more ideas!

Custom Cabinets in Winnipeg

At Accord Cabinets, they pride themselves on their dedication to their work and their customers. With every job, they guarantee the highest quality of work and attention to detail. Whatever their customers’ needs or wants, Accord Cabinets strives to provide just that. From custom kitchen cabinets, bathrooms or closets, they have a custom solution for every storage need!

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