Must have splurges in a high-end home remodel


So, you’ve got the budget and the time to really invest in a luxurious remodel and add dream home features. Now it’s time to prioritize just what changes you want or consider what additions are a must-have. While some changes are specific to your home and needs, others are sure to add luxury and value.

Maredi Home and Properties Inc. in Richmond is a high-end renovations company. They share some must-have splurges when it comes to a luxury remodel.

Luxurious master suite

A bedroom should be a space where you can relax, unwind, and recharge your mental and emotional needs. It’s also a space you want to enjoy spending time in, especially when there’s an ensuite in the layout. Add extra windows to create views and provide natural lighting. Or add design and function with a custom and spacious walk-in closet with all the bells and whistles. In the bathroom, go all the way with the spa-like theme and add natural stone floors, a walk-in shower with different heads or maybe some wall jets. A soaker tub is always welcome for those days where you need to unwind. Install a heated towel rack or a private nook for your water-efficient toilet. Make the most of the space and luxury additions that will make you feel pampered right at home.

Dress up the kids’ room

Luxury renovation typically focuses on the home as a whole, but don’t forget about family-specific upgrades. For the kids, build a built-in bunk with open space underneath. That “play zone” can change as they grow from a play area to the perfect space for a desk and computer. A window seat against the wall surrounded by floor-to-ceiling height bookshelves will help encourage imagination through reading as they grow. If the kid’s bedrooms are connected with a Jack and Jill bathroom, consider a long countertop with plenty of room to share the space. Help your kids conserve water with low-flow faucets, showerheads, and a dual-flush toilet. These additions will add value that can last for years.

First impression entryway

Looking to make a great first impression when people enter your home? A grand entrance is one of those must-have splurges in any luxury renovation. You can still create that “wow” reaction with some luxury designs, even without a central staircase. Add marble or natural stone to the floors and dress up the ceiling with crown mouldings. Work with the layout of your entrance, whether it’s a feature floor in a hallway, a striking piece of art on the wall, or a luxurious staircase. Focus on the architecture to pick that perfect focal point for a luxury entryway.

Home Renovations in Richmond

Maredi Home and Properties Inc. specializes in high-end remodels and are experts at handling any project. If you have the means but not the ideas for a renovation, just talk with their professionals for some expert ideas. They’ll ensure you love the results and that your home is always current on the latest trends.

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