Natural stone restoration 101

As much as homeowners would love for their natural stone countertops to stay flawless, eventual wear and tear are inevitable. The good news is that with a little restoration service, your natural stone will look brand new once again. When it comes to the process, you want to ensure a quality finish, which is why a professional is the best way to go.

Shiny Stone Care in Vancouver is a professional natural stone restoration company. They share just how a restoration process works and the benefits of hiring their professionals for the job: 

What to expect from a restoration? 

Restoration means returning that dull and even damaged natural stone, back to the flawless state it was the day it got installed. First, a professional will look at your countertops to decide what care needs to be applied. Natural stone restoration services include scratch removal, chip repair, honing, polishing, re-grouting or resealing. Sometimes a combination such as polishing and then resealing is recommended to both restore and help keep your countertops in top shape.

The process itself starts with sealing any cracks or removing scratches, typically with a diamond grinder. The surface is then either polished or honed, depending on the material and the homeowner’s preference. If you have tile countertops, the grout will need to either be cleaned if dirty or re-grouted if damaged. Resealing is generally also a recommendation as a final step, but it also depends on how porous the stone is. Some natural stone, such as slate, is non-porous, so it may not need resealing. A professional will let you know what the best option is for your countertops. As well, with a professional, the entire process will typically take between one to two days to complete.

Type of natural stone restoration

Natural stone countertops come in a wide range of different options, including marble, granite, limestone, and terrazzo. While the durability and beauty of natural stone countertops are constant, the restoration process for each can vary.

Marble is one of the most popular countertop materials. Still, it’s susceptible to acidic liquids that can both stain and scratch the surface. Restoration will mean removing any stains and scratches and then resealing the surface. Granite is another popular option but is likewise susceptible to becoming stained if it is not sealed properly and regularly. It’s typically a recommendation to reseal granite countertops every one to two years to help prevent any damage.

Limestone is especially porous, which makes it very prone to stain damage. Even with a proper seal, remove spills immediately and clean only using limestone cleaners with low pH levels. The combined materials in terrazzo make it non-porous, but both limestone and terrazzo can be easily scratched. To restore and protect both, a honed finish and reseal will help reduce the risk of scratches or stains.

Benefits of a professional 

Natural stone restoration is something that can and should only be handled by a professional restoration company. While the initial upfront cost is higher, the long-term investment is well worthwhile. According to Home Advisor, professionally restored natural stone can easily extend your countertops’ lifespan by 15 years. Professionals also have the experience, skill, and right tools to handle every step of the restoration process properly. That quality and care will show in your countertops’ finished appearance, and in the value, it will add back into your home. It’ll also save you time and stress, as a professional can handle everything in one or two days instead of the weeks it could take a first-time DIYer.

Countertops in Vancouver 

Complete customer satisfaction at the right price and quality are the top goals at Shiny Stone Care. They specialize in restoring your natural stone, whether that means polishing, cleaning, resealing, or repairing any damage. Their skill and attention to detail mean that your natural stone, whether marble, granite, limestone, slate, or terrazzo, is in the right hands.

There’s no stone they can’t restore, so contact Shiny Stone Care today!

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