Need a New Roof?

Is it time for a roof replacement?

Discover a permanent roofing solution that will never need replacing!

Metal Roofing System

Roofers get a lot of phone calls after a big storm. After hours of pouring rain and driving wind, homeowners discover their roof is leaking and water damage can cause a major issue if it’s not dealt with immediately. Much of this damage could have been prevented with a new roof replacement, but unfortunately most homeowners don’t think of their roof that often – until disaster strikes.

When is it time to get a new roof?

The best time to get a new roof is before a problem happens. If your roof is over 20 years old or you see notice signs of wear, it’s time to think about getting a new roof. Let’s use the analogy of a tire. When you’re thinking about getting new tires for your car, do you wait until they are so worn out they look like they could blow out any second? Probably not. You likely check and replace your tires when the tread becomes too worn, well before the tire could blow while you’re driving the vehicle. The same kind of thinking applies to replacing your roof.

Detecting a leak in your roof.

Water almost always gets in through edges or openings and is usually wind-driven. Culprit areas for leaks are chimneys, skylights or where the satellite dish is fastened to the roof. Attic fans mounted on the roof surface, vents, pipes – all of these items disrupt the roofing surface and if the flashing around them is damaged or not installed properly, could become suspect areas for leaks. They are the first places a professional roofing contractor will look when inspecting your roof.

Should I repair or replace my roof?

If there is minimal damage and your roof is still in great shape, a simple roof repair might be enough to solve the problem. Here are some things to consider if you think you need to replace your roof entirely:

– How old is your roof? In Alberta, a roof that is properly installed using quality materials can last up to 15 years. If your roof is around that age, it might be time to replace it. Here is an interesting video to watch regarding Asphalt Shingle installation from CBC Marketplace.

YouTube video

– Is there noticeable damage and wear such as rotting, curling or peeling shingles? That means it is time to replace your roof.

– Can you see damaged flashing around the chimney or vents? Your roofing contractor will tell you if those areas can be repaired, or if it’s an indicator that you need a roof replacement.

If your roof is not that old but still needs to be replaced, it could mean there were some flaws in installation or low-quality materials were used. If it looks like your roof should be replaced in the next few years, it would be wise to not put it off and replace it right away. You never know what the weather could bring and having a brand new roof will protect your home and prevent costly water damage.

Discover a PERMANENT roofing solution!

Armaslate-Pane-Low-Res The Armadura Metal Roofing System is a 4-way interlocking metal roofing system with specially engineered custom trim. The system features a high tech undercoating and paint with a PPG Kynar finish. It is designed to withstand all Canadian weather conditions, so you will never have to re-roof again. It will literally be the last roof you’ll ever need.

Alberta’s Permanent Roof Ltd. offers the Armadura Metal Roof. Contact them for your new roof!



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