New Garage Construction & Garage Organization

Building a garage can be a very important investment as it increases your property value and makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. A garage serves as more than just a space to store and protect your vehicle. It is an essential part of the home that is unique to every homeowner. It can be customized to match your lifestyle and hobbies and to fit your everyday needs. Create a workshop, organize your gardening tools or sports equipment or create a space that suits your storage needs. The options are endless and the benefits numerous.

Garage Doors on a House

Building a New Garage

Edmonton’s best garage builders can help homeowners through the entire process of building their new garage from idea to design through construction. Whether you’re building a garage for your existing home or looking for a custom built garage for brand new construction, a reputable garage building company can build you the garage the that best suits your needs, matches your home and will give you a sound return on investment.

When you hire a custom garage builder, you have more choices and can get creative with the style of your detached garage. Choose a gable roof with a pitch to match your house, matching siding and trim too. Choose from multiple colours and different styles of garage doors like the standard overhead garage door to Heritage barn style garage doors. In addition to these choices, your new garage could include:

– Engineered roof trusses
–  roof shingles
– Roof ventilation
– soffit and fascia
– eavestrough
– Pressure treated bottom plate
– Vinyl siding
– Steel man door
– Trims
– Electrical

Want something extra unique? A garage builder can help you choose different trim details, premium siding and shingles, interior wall finishes, garage door openers and more.

Garage Storage Solutions

Sometimes the garage can start to build up a lot of clutter! It becomes the dumping ground for things that you just don’t know where to put anywhere else. has a full listing of garage organizers in Edmonton that offers garage design and storage solutions to help you take back that useful space!

Installing shelving units, ceiling mounted racks for storage, special racks for your bicycles and other sports equipment and garage cabinets can all help with your garage organization. If you want to use your garage as a workshop, they can also help you with tool storage and organization. You can install pegboards and wall panels to help you store your tools where they’re easily accessible as well as functional work benches and tool chests.

Whether you want to build a new detached garage or need garage organization solutions, browse!


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