Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets

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Not only are kitchen renovations the most popular home improvement project tackled by North American home owners, they are also one of the best renovation investments.  According to Remodeling Magazines 2014 Cost VS Value Report, major kitchen remodels in the United States averaged 74.2 percent of costs recuperated.  For minor kitchen remodels 82.7 percent of costs, on average, were recuperated. Spending money on remodeling your kitchen will increase your personal enjoyment of the space, increase your home’s value and attract potential buyers if your home is on the market.

The biggest components in your kitchen renovation are cabinets, countertops and appliances. Probably the most costly item on that list, and the one that will determine the layout and overall design of your kitchen, is your cabinetry.

Whether you want to change the functionality and layout of your kitchen space entirely, or just replace your existing old kitchen cabinets with new ones; planning, purchasing and installing a whole new kitchen can be a very daunting task. There are so many designs, finishes, and products to choose from…not to mention cabinet retailers and installers. Where do you begin?

Custom Cabinets: Researching Function and Style

The first thing you need to do is decide on how you want your new kitchen to look, and equally important, how it will function and fit into your lifestyle. Not sure what you like? Visit a showroom of a custom cabinet company you can trust. Not sure if you want a contemporary or classic design? Go walk around a few kitchen showcases and see what catches your eye! There are knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient people who can help you realize your ‘dream kitchen’, before having to hash out all the details.

Search online. We are fortunate to have such a vast resource of home improvement and home design ideas and advice right at our fingertips. Search through an abundance of design ideas from websites like HGTV Kitchens,, and House and Home.  Search Kitchen Design Ideas on Pinterest, start a few pin boards of your own and welcome ideas and opinions from others.

The internet allows you to research product choices from the comfort of your own home. Browse through door styles, colours, and different types of wood and special finishes, overlays, edge profiles, molding and layouts. Do you want a bigger counter top, cupboards above the fridge, or an island? Appliances built into your cabinetry, special lighting or features like a built-in wine rack? You can also start looking at new appliances and including those potential purchases in your budget. The internet holds a wealth of resources, opinions and advice from both cabinet professionals and consumers.

When choosing between custom cabinetry or the pre-made full kitchens you can purchase at big box stores you might be surprised to learn that the price points are not that far apart. Like any industry, more quality products come at a greater expense; but that means you’ll be getting a superior product that looks high-end, lasts the test of time, and increases the value of your home. When you’re already spending thousands of dollars on a kitchen renovation, spending a little more on high quality and well built cabinetry is worth the investment. You want to be completely satisfied with your new kitchen.

Choosing a Custom Cabinet Retailer and Cabinet Installer has an online directory of accredited cabinet companies you can trust. Browse the directory to find a cabinet company in your area.

Alberta British Columbia Saskatchewan
Edmonton Kelowna Regina
Calgary Vancouver Saskatoon
Manitoba Nova Scotia Newfoundland
Winnipeg Halifax St. John’s
Ontario Quebec New Brunswick
Toronto Montreal Fredericton
Barrie Quebec City Moncton
Hamilton Saint John


If you decide to go outside of our vendor listings be sure you are protecting yourself, your home and your investment by following these tips:

  • Do a background check on the company you are considering buying your kitchen cabinets from. Ask to see previous work or to speak with previous customers. Remember that having a beautiful showroom is easy – but their ability to provide good customer service, installation and quality work is the most important.
  • Research the products your cabinet manufacturer is using online. Cheaper is not always better as it will decrease the longevity of your kitchen. For example: choose cabinets with solid backs and drawers should have metal rollers and slides.
  • Ask the company to explain the process from product selection to installation, completion and additional servicing. Ask who will be coming into your home and who to talk to if there are any issues. You can also ask how they will work with other contractors you might have in your home such as counter top or flooring installers – and to see how they will synchronize with these other companies.
  • If installation is included in your purchase, don’t pay for everything up front. If possible, hold a percentage of the fee until the job is complete. Honest companies who can stand by their work will agree to this.
  • Ask to inspect the product upon delivery before it is installed.  Accidents happen and your materials could have been damaged during transport.  Make it clear that you will be looking for any damaged panels or doors and won’t accept those damaged products.
  • If you can see or have a problem at any time during the process, raise your concerns immediately. Do not wait until the job is complete before expressing them.
Renovations can be stressful, but they can also be a rewarding experience.  Choosing a company you can trust is the first step.  Check back to the RenovationFind Blog regularly for more tips on home renovations, DIY projects and advice for homeowners!

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