New Windows That Save Energy

Your windows and doors are the most likely culprits for energy loss and reducing your home’s efficiency. Your old aluminum sliders or even standard vinyl windows allow heat transfer: too much heat loss in the winter and too much coming into the house in the summer! Installing high-quality energy efficient windows will ensure energy savings for years to come.

Window replacement before and after.

Window replacement before and after.

Signs You Need a Window Replacement

Is it a little drafty in here? 

Most windows will let in a little air, but if you have a gentle breeze running through your living room it’s probably time for a window replacement. Check your caulking and weather stripping for cracks or leaks. Re-sealing them will help and provide a temporary fix, but the best solution is upgrading to energy efficient windows.

The window is fogging up again!

When window seals fail moisture gets into the space between the panes and forms condensation. In the summer you will have foggy windows and in the winter that can even freeze into frost and ice. It’s time for new windows.

It looks like there has been some water damage!

Do a visual inspection of your window frames and the area around them. If you still have old wooden windows, push into the frame with your finger to see if the wood is soft or decaying. In other cases, leaky windows will cause decay in your trim and surrounding dry wall. If that’s the case your windows are no longer in good shape and need to be replaced.

You live in an older home and you’ve never replaced the windows.

Window technology has come a long way over the years. Even if your older windows seem to be in good shape you could still be losing a lot more energy and paying more to heat or cool your home than you need to be!   New energy efficient windows will lower your energy costs, increase the comfort in your home, improve how your house looks and raise your property value.

If you want to test the efficiency of your windows and doors, contact one of Edmonton’s Best Window Companies to give them a thermal imaging assessment. This will find heat leaks and under-insulated areas that are commonly found with standard vinyl frames, dual pane glass and low-E coating. This will be able to determine your windows’ efficiency and help you make a plan for improving your home’s efficiency.

Energy Ratings & Window Technology

The Energy Rating (ER) is a Canadian energy efficiency measurement as defined by Canadian Building Code.  ER is a single number rating that evaluated the energy performance of your windows taking into account a windows ability to emit solar heat, R-value and its ability to resist air leaks. Learn more about Energy Rating here.

If the ER is zero that means it has neutral energy consumption so it contributes as much solar heat as it loses. A window with a positive ER measurement saves energy while a negative ER loses energy. You want to find a window with a positive ER. Our friends at Polar Windows manufacture highly efficient windows with a +18 Energy Rating. That means their windows save energy, and lots of it.

These highly efficient windows achieve this rating because they were manufactured to perform in extreme Canadian climates.   They are triple-pane sealed windows with high-density foam insulated frames and Solar-Gold Spacer Bars that allow superior thermal performance. The weather seals are made from Santoprene, a high-performance composite product that is applied to each window by hand.

High quality energy efficient windows are made with Power Glass. This glass reflects up to 90% radiant heat back to the source. That means heat from inside the house in reflected back into the house in the winter and the summer heat is reflected back outside in the summer. It also protects the inside of your home from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, preserving your furniture and flooring.

Learn more about how energy efficient windows can help you save money. 


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