Work with a general contractor for an open concept floor plan

Open concept floor plans remain very popular. It’s a great way to maximize space, modernize your home, and create a natural flow from room to room. Depending on the load-bearing walls and beams in your home, it’s possible to transform your main living areas into an open concept layout. You’ll enjoy having the kitchen, dining, and living room open to each other.

Home Grown Renovations Inc. in Calgary specializes in home renovations. Whether you want to renovate your current open-concept home or open up some walls – they can help.

What can a complete main floor overhaul include?

Older homes were often built with the main living spaces separated from each other. Commonly, a wall divided the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. When you decide to completely overhaul a space like this, a lot of work goes into it. No room or space is left untouched.

First, your contractor will see what is possible with your current home. Opening up walls includes checking and assessing load-bearing walls, water lines, HVAC, and more. There are many options to create your perfect space. The first step includes an Engineer! Building permits will also be required covering structural, electrical, and if needed HVAC and plumbing.

Then the fun begins! In the photo you see above, the same hardwood was installed throughout, and ledgestone to the ceiling in the living room and kitchen was added for height. The entire space was painted the same colour to provide a seamless and open plan. The popcorn ceiling was removed throughout the home, and a flat painted ceiling created a more modern look that homeowners love.

Pick a focal point for each space

A focal point helps to draw the eye naturally to a certain point in a room, seemingly opening the space. In the living room area, a great focal point is a statement fireplace. Floor to ceiling ledgestone adds a natural element and height to the room. Placing seating around the fireplace creates a clear visual that this is a seating and relaxation space, without closing itself off from other open areas, creating that sense of being its own room, even without walls. In the dining area, a statement light fixture or unique built-in cabinet all make an optimal focal point.

Work with a professional

Working with the right general contractor for you and your family (trust your gut!) will ensure that the renovation runs smoothly, on time, and on budget. It can also save you a lot of stress. With a skilled and proficient Contractor, not only can they help with the design aspect of the reno, but they will act as a project manager from start to finish. That means managing and scheduling trades, ordering materials, and keeping you up-to-date as the project progresses.

Plus, registered general contractors in Alberta, are bonded and will have proper business licensing, and insurance. This protects you and your property throughout the process. Experienced and reputable contractors like Home Grown Renovations Inc. can work with your ideas, budget, and expectations to create the open concept main floor you’ve always dreamed of.

General Contractors in Calgary

With Home Grown Renovations Inc. your home is guaranteed to have a quality renovation that exceeds itself. Their professionals not only provide quality work, but they also have years of skill and experience to guarantee that work. They provide a range of services including interior or exterior renovations, lane or carriage homes, woodworking, and more.

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