Open concept major renovation considerations

A major renovation is a significant undertaking, so it’s essential to be sure of the return on investment in your lifestyle and home before you start. One major renovation option is transforming your main floor into an open concept. The design is flexible and stylish but does need some consideration before you make the change.

Four Elements Construction in Sherwood Park is a professional home renovations company. They share more about open concept renovations and what you need to know:

Flexible new space

Open concepts knock down any separating walls and leave the kitchen, dining, and living room connected. The great thing about this design is how flexible the space becomes. You can cook dinner while chatting with guests or keep an eye on your kids. Rearranging the furniture and changing the lights will create the impression of rooms and spaces even without walls.

The openness also means more usable space to accessorize, add new storage, or expand. Maybe you want a large kitchen or a bigger living room; in that case, an open concept gives you that freedom.

Better energy efficiency

Don’t be surprised once you open up your home to find that your energy bills have gone down a bit. An open floor plan allows more air to flow through the space and sunlight to get in. Open concept spaces are much easier to heat and cool, so your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard. It’s also often the case that homeowners add more windows with an open concept. That welcome extra natural lighting will help warm the area and means you won’t be reaching for the light switches as often. If you have outdoor access, like a patio or deck, open up the doors to let in a fresh, uninterrupted breeze.

Cost consideration

The main thing to consider when planning a conversion is that a major renovation will be more costly. An open concept conversion involves structural changes and removing walls, which can be a considerable cost. You’ll want to work with an experienced team that can handle the entire process safely and efficiently.

Another cost is what materials you want to include in the renovation. For example, if the flooring is also getting replaced to create cohesion, do you want luxury vinyl or real hardwood? Are you planning to repaint all the walls, so the layout is all one colour scheme? These details will need to be factored into your renovation budget, so talk with your contractor.

Noise travels

Without the natural sound barriers that walls create, noises will travel much more easily. Because of the large space, noises may also echo, which could be disruptive if you have bedrooms nearby. In addition, it won’t always be quiet if you enjoy entertaining guests or want some quiet time in the living room. That hustle and bustle is something to factor in.

Major Renovations in Sherwood Park

Four Elements Construction prides itself on creating beautiful spaces that homeowners love. Their team keeps you informed every step of the way while delivering quality services. If you have big plans for your home, hire a renovation team that can help turn your dreams into reality.

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