Organizing solutions for kids’ closets

Having an organized closet for your children is not just about visuals; it’s also about creating stress-free mornings. Knowing exactly where matching socks and clean t-shirts are stored will make that morning rush to get dressed and ready easier. Companies like Calgary Custom Closets are experts when it comes to both closets and designing custom closet solutions for kids’ closets.

Organize individual items

The best way to stay organized and easily find clothing is to create storage spots for individual clothing and accessories. Slide-out drawers are perfect for shoes, and pull-out racks and hooks can store pants and belts. Labelling the drawers or slide-out cubbies can help kids easily find a pair of shorts or pyjamas for bedtime. Use hangers for shirts and sweaters and then organize those depending on the style, like long or short-sleeved. As you organize, make sure to keep the needs and preferences of your children in mind. After all, the closet organizers are for them.

Separate sibling storage

If you have children who share a room and a closet, don’t just design a closet for one or try to blend the design. That just leads to the risk of arguments, things getting lost, and a lack of good storage. Instead, design the closet like a master closet with separate spaces for two. Either install two separate closets to help keep the organization physically separate. Or, use one large closet and mirror the designs. Double up on sliding drawers, pull-out racks and hanging sections so both children can easily access their clothes. 

Add space for toys         

While storage around the bedroom will keep toys off the floors and out of sight, some may end up in the closest. Making room or specific spaces for these toys will help with long-term organization. Use low, open shelves to place toys or add hanging bins against the door to store smaller, loose toys. Even a designated cubby can store wayward toys that sneak into the kids’ closets

Make it accessible for all ages

Adjustable storage solutions will help as your children grow older and bigger. When they’re younger, they’ll need lower storage and a mix of storage cubes and drawers accessible to their height and needs. As they grow, though, having an adjustable organization lets their closets grow and adjust with them. Instead of replacing the entire unit, you can adjust the height of racks or replace storage cubes with drawers or slide-outs. It also helps to plan from the start and choose large custom closets Calgary with plenty of space to add or adjust storage. 

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