Overview of smoke detectors and fire alarm systems

Everyone wants to keep their family, employees, and customers protected from fires. Doing so calls for modern, well-maintained, and perfectly installed safety systems.

Finding an experienced, knowledgable, dependable electrician whose work you trust is crucial. Their job is to install complete fire alarm systems, perform inspections, repair issues, and recommend new products. Given the importance of fire alarm systems, both home and business owners need the expertise of qualified electricians like Enerpro Electrical Services in Calgary.

Upgrade your smoke detector

Smoke detectors are crucial for safety at home. However, the main downfall of many smoke detectors is that they are battery-powered. If your smoke detector has dead batteries, it won’t be able to save your life. Fortunately, there is a modern solution.

Hardwired smoke detectors

Electricians in Calgary can hardwire smoke detectors into your home’s electrical system. This means your smoke detector has two power sources- the batteries and your home’s electrical system. Consequently, the smoke detector is always on. If the power goes out in your home, the backup batteries kick in.

Smart smoke detectors

If you choose to upgrade your smoke detector or are investing in a home automation system, you should consider a smart smoke detector. Smart smoke detectors are one piece of broader home automation systems that interlink devices and give you more control. There are many advantages to this. For example, you can receive remote notifications even while away.

Additionally, disabling smart smoke detectors is convenient and easy. Instead of straining to reach your traditional smoke detector on the ceiling, smart smoke detectors are disabled from your mobile device. In addition, many smart smoke detectors are more effective than their traditional counterparts. They are better at detecting smoke, but they have heat sensors to identify if a room is too hot.

Full fire alarm systems

Conducting business safely requires up-to-date and well-maintained fire alarm systems in Calgary. Since the safety and well-being of both employees and customers depend on these systems, professional installation and repairs are non-negotiable. Therefore, business owners should always leave the installation of these systems to experienced and reputable electricians. In addition, you must schedule annual inspections with their electricians.

Common fire alarm system equipment

Smoke detectors, of course, detect smoke from fires within a building.

Carbon monoxide detectors detect the presence of CO. Whenever fuel is burned incompletely, CO is released into the air. With thousands of people sent to hospital for CO poisoning every year, carbon monoxide detectors are an absolute must.

Hand pull stations provide an easy way for occupants to quickly raise the alarm if a fire starts. Pulling the handle activates strobes and sirens.

Horns and strobes are mounted throughout buildings to notify all occupants of danger.

Voice evacuation systems deliver urgent and clear messages during an emergency. The prerecorded messages guide occupants to safety.

Smoke detectors & fire alarms systems in Calgary

Enerpro Electrical Services Inc. provides professional and comprehensive electrical services for residential and commercial clients. They can hardwire smoke detectors into home electrical systems for increased reliability and install smoke detectors that work with your home automation in Calgary. Additionally, they offer complete fire alarm system installation and repairs for business owners.

Contact Enerpro Electrical Services Inc. today!

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