RenovationFind.com launches on FrontFundr – Invest Today!

Be Part Of The Change By Becoming A Co-Owner!     Our Story… Since day one, RenovationFind.com was founded to revolutionize the home improvement industry.  The company’s mission is to weed out the unqualified contractors from the good ones with its certification program and help promote them on a highly visible platform to [...]

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Why Choose Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovation?

The decision to renovate your kitchen often is motivated when either the function of existing cabinets no longer accommodates your lifestyle or the original cabinetry is [...]

Advantages of Hiring a General Contractor

For any home renovation project that will require more than one trade to complete the work, hiring a general contractor is most often very worthwhile. Most people are worried [...]

The Process of Building a New Home

There are many benefits to purchasing a custom-built home. The main benefit is that you can be a part of the design process and have the home customized exactly for your [...]

4 Common Myths about Solar Debunked

4 Common Myths about Solar Debunked 1. Canada doesn’t have optimal weather for solar power. When people think of Canada, they think of cold, snowy and cloudy weather. [...]

Types of Awnings for Your Outdoor Living Space

An awning over your deck or patio will enhance your outdoor space by making it a more comfortable and functional living area. Find shade from the sun without obstructing [...]

5 Reasons Kitchens Are the Best Place to Start Your Renovations

Kitchen renovations are the most popular renovation for homeowners. Having a beautiful and functional kitchen will increase your family’s personal enjoyment of the space [...]

Why Choose Welded Aluminum Railing?

Whether you’re looking for a strong and affordable railing to complement your interior staircase or need a rail system for your new or renovated deck, there are many [...]

Tips For Maintaining Your Real Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful. It adds a polished look to your home. It’s rich color makes your house look cozy and welcoming. But, it’s not always the cheapest option [...]

Why To Opt For Stainless Steel For A Kitchen Backsplash?

Kitchen backsplashes are here to stay for a long period due to its aesthetic and elegant appeal. Kitchen backsplashes protect your kitchen wall, right behind the sink or [...]

Completely Customize Your Cabinetry

Your kitchen cabinets are the most important component of the kitchen and will be one of the largest items on your kitchen renovation budget. Choosing custom cabinets from [...]