Homeowners find help after being ripped off by bad contractors

Local contractor helps a couple with accessibility renovations after two contractors rip them off Life has not been easy for Len and Sheron Pryatel for the last couple of years. Len suffered a massive stroke two years ago. The stroke and its complications have left him paralyzed on one side, in a wheelchair, and requiring significant hospital [...]

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Do garage doors and openers require maintenance?

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5 expert tips for Vancouver kitchen and bathroom renovations

When you're renovating, considering your location is important. A renovation in the prairie provinces differs from one on or near the coast. Luckily, OSS Contracting in [...]

The 8 Best Electricians in Edmonton

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What Questions Should I Ask My Landscape Company Before Hiring Them?

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How To Choose the Perfect Bathtub Design

A bathtub renovation can breathe new life into your bathroom and help increase the overall value of your home. The right tub style can be a transformative element and [...]

Garage Heaters

Blog written by Dechamplain Heating & Ventilation in Edmonton The cold weather will be here soon. Now is the time to prepare so you can enjoy your garage with its [...]

Top 8 Reasons to Fix Cracks in Your Foundation

Blog written by Groon Construction in Calgary Your house is only as strong as its base. Here are our top 8 reasons why you should fix a crack in your [...]

Master bathroom expansion tips and ideas

A master bathroom can be a luxurious space that blends spa-like elements with elegance and function. A remodel to expand a small master bathroom is a great investment. Not [...]

What are Design-Build home renovations?

If you’ve been researching a home remodelling project, you may have come across the phrase “design-build” renovations or that a contractor offers “design-build” [...]

The benefits of in-house design services when renovating

A carefully crafted design is vital to any successful home renovation. A design plan will lay out all components of your project and provide a road map for its progress. [...]