How this Edmonton business is making shady contractors a thing of the past

Original post from How this Edmonton business is making shady contractors a thing of the past Anyone who’s ever renovated their home will likely tell you it can be stressful. Home reno horror stories have become commonplace and, often, can be attributed to contractor-related issues. According to a survey by Angus Reid, 33% of [...]

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One Of The Best Flooring Options for Your Home

Blog Submitted by Quality Red Tag Floors Aquateck Laminate Flooring If you're in the market for new flooring in Edmonton, Aquateck laminate is a great option to [...]

To Caulk Or Not To Caulk: How should you treat your toilet base?

Blog submitted by MyHoneyDoList in Edmonton You might not think this is a question you should ask, but actually, you absolutely should! Making the wrong decision on [...]

Top 5 Things to Consider When Planning to Build a Custom Home

Blog submitted by Bali Brothers in Richmond  As a homeowner, building a custom home can be an exciting process. However, it can also be very time-consuming and [...]

Find new countertops to match your style

The goal of many renovations is to have a home reflect a style. New countertops can help with renovation-style goals, no matter the material. Between the countertop [...]

Lighting renovations that boost energy efficiency

Energy rates and bills seem to be soaring. But there are steps homeowners can take to slow or stop the increase in energy bills. One of the best places to start is [...]

Get the most out of your handyman services

Most people looking for handyman services typically start with only one project in mind. Then, once the handyman’s time is booked, homeowners often realize they may have [...]

The Benefits of Professional Landscaping

At first, the benefits of a professionally landscaped yard appear obvious. We might instantly think of how professional landscaping makes a yard look new or improved. Curb [...]

How to tell it’s time to replace the hot water tank

Troubleshooting your water heater will only take you so far. If your hot water tank has reached the 10-year mark, it is probably time to replace it. However, age is just [...]

Warning signs your furnace is about to fail

The last thing anybody wants, especially during Alberta's winter, is a house with no heat. Your furnace will always need regular maintenance to ensure it's working at its [...]

6 signs it’s time to replace your concrete driveway

Concrete is a sturdy building material with many advantages and an excellent choice for driveways. However, no driveway will last indefinitely. Eventually, it will need [...]