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Be Part Of The Change By Becoming A Co-Owner!     Our Story… Since day one, was founded to revolutionize the home improvement industry.  The company’s mission is to weed out the unqualified contractors from the good ones with its certification program and help promote them on a highly visible platform to [...]

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Kitchen renovation ideas that can pay off

Kitchen renovations in Calgary have an excellent return on investment, especially when compared to other home renovations. Not only will they recover a large percentage of [...]

Planning Your New Home Build

The first and most important steps to any home build are finding the right builder, and then the planning. Having a well-laid plan will allow you to customize your home to [...]

3 Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2021

After spending over a year at home, you might have noticed some things you want to change. For many homeowners, the kitchen might need these changes. As the [...]

Solar panel contractors offering a holistic approach

When hiring a contractor for solar panels, you need to do some research. Any contractor that is worth their weight will offer their clients more than just services [...]

Everything you need for a successful kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations in Calgary take careful planning and time, but they are well worth the effort. An upgraded kitchen will make the kitchen more enjoyable, including [...]

Essential bathroom renovation with an all-inclusive packaged deal

When you think about bathroom renovations, Calgary homeowners might start making a long to-do list to get started. That list might include finding bathroom design [...]

Budget-friendly bathroom renovation ideas

When renovating the bathroom, you can spend a lot of money, but you don’t necessarily have to. Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Design Center offers bathroom renovations in [...]

Seek professional advice before purchasing an air conditioner

As summer rolls around, you might be thinking about purchasing a new air conditioner. Whether it’s a replacement for your old one or the first time you’ve considered [...]

Renovation Ideas: Transform your property after water damage

Water damages creeping up anywhere in a property can quickly turn into a horrific nightmare for any homeowner. Besides, one of the most prominent reasons for property loss, [...]

When It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater

Hot water heaters have a lifespan of around ten to fifteen years. While the lifespan is a good indicator of when to replace your hot water heater, there are other [...]