RenovationFind.com launches on FrontFundr – Invest Today!

Be Part Of The Change By Becoming A Co-Owner!     Our Story… Since day one, RenovationFind.com was founded to revolutionize the home improvement industry.  The company’s mission is to weed out the unqualified contractors from the good ones with its certification program and help promote them on a highly visible platform to [...]

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3 reasons to focus on eavestrough maintenance

Eavestroughs play an essential role in keeping your house and property in good condition. Keeping them clean and in good working order will ensure they're functioning [...]

Why transparency is key during commercial construction

As a business owner, you have a thousand things on your mind and a to-do list. Whether you’re starting a new business or improving or expanding, having the right [...]

Why choose Dakota Exteriors and Roofing for your exterior renovation?

Upgrading your home’s exterior will improve energy-efficiency, curb appeal, and resale value. Exterior renovations have some of the best returns on investment compared [...]

Give your home a fresh start with restoration and home renovations

If your home has suffered fire or flood damage, it will need major restoration services. Depending on the severity of the damage, and if there is mould or asbestos present, [...]

How the design process can help you choose the right garage door

A new garage door can improve curb appeal, security, energy-efficiency and increase home value. Garage doors have come a long way over the years. Years ago, there wasn’t [...]

When is the best time to build a new fence?

Fences are a multi-beneficial addition that you can add to your property. They provide privacy, security, protection against the elements, visual appeal, and boost value. [...]

What You Need to Know About Hydronic Heating

Sometimes homes have hydronic heating systems to provide heat to the home. If you've wondered how it works or you are considering it for your home build or home [...]

The Value of a Bathroom Remodel or Addition

A great way to increase your home’s functionality, along with its resale value, is with a bathroom remodel or addition. Compared to other home renovations, kitchens and [...]

Signs that your stucco needs professional repairs 

Choosing stucco for your home offers many great benefits and savings, which makes it a popular choice. It’s easy to maintain, looks great, lasts for many years, and is [...]

When to repair drywall and when to replace it

Drywall is found in most homes. Most repairs are also easily handled, but sometimes repairs aren’t the best option. Knowing when to replace your drywall can mean more [...]