Learning About Energy Efficient Windows

Windows in Edmonton If your house still has old aluminum sliders or if your windows have broken seals and damaged frames, you could be losing a lot of energy. According to Natural Resources Canada, windows can account for up to 25 per cent of total house heat loss. Replacing your inefficient windows with energy efficient windows from a company like Durabuilt Windows and [...]

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3 Ways to Save on a Kitchen Renovation

Edmonton Kitchen Renovations Not only will a kitchen renovation improve the functionality, design and aesthetics of your kitchen, it will also increase your home's resale value and have a great [...]

Things New Homeowners Can Do to Save Money

Save money-renovationfind-new Purchasing a home is a major investment and probably the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make. As a new homeowner you’re proud of your accomplishment. There is no [...]

Advantages of Hiring a Lawn Maintenance Company

hhs-contracting_gallery_1454012211047 A healthy lawn improves curb appeal, shows pride in ownership and can make your yard a more enjoyable outdoor living space. We all want to have a lush and green lawn, but [...]

All Season Home Comfort

Family at home relaxing on carpet Think about what makes your home comfortable. It’s important that your home is kept warm and cozy in the winter months and cool in the summer, but have you considered [...]

Why You Should Switch to Solar

solar panels edmonton There are many benefits to installing solar panels to power your home or business.  Solar panels provide a means of producing your own clean energy from a renewable [...]

Age-Friendly Home Renovations

age friendly housing Edmonton The need for age-friendly housing increases. There is an emerging populations of seniors in Alberta. According to Alberta Seniors and Housing, there will be more than [...]

When is it time for a window replacement?

maxgreen-windows-and-doors-ltd_gallery_1485465254095 Windows are an important part of your home. They protect your home from the elements, let in natural light and play a big role in your home’s curb appeal. Even if [...]

Advice for Buying Appliances

avenue-appliance_gallery_1461878110760 There are many reasons why you might need to purchase new appliances. Maybe your older appliances are no longer working properly, you want to upgrade the look of your [...]

Tips for a Smooth & Successful Home Renovation

New Kitchen Home renovations are a lot of work and could be stressful. Not only are they physically demanding, especially if you are doing the work yourself, they can also disrupt [...]

The Process of a Major Home Renovation

Edmonton General Contractors The benefits of a home renovation Not only will a major home renovation improve the aesthetics and your own personal enjoyment of your home, it will also increase your [...]