Operating Safely with COVID-19: Home Service Business Toolkit

As provincial governments implement economic re-launch strategies throughout the country, businesses are starting to reopen and restart their services. For some home service businesses, they have operated throughout the pandemic as an essential service. For others, they are just starting operations again after this long period of lockdown. Jurisdictions [...]

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Window design trends that add style to your home

The right window will go a long way towards protecting and making your home more energy-efficient. The right design will boost curb appeal and add value to your home. If [...]

Benefits and reasons to install French doors in your home

French doors are one of those ageless styles that add class and beauty to any home. They offer the perfect blend between open windows and a grand entrance appearance. [...]

What is chalk paint?

Chalk paint has been making trends in the painting and DIY world over the past few years and for a good reason. If you've only recently heard about it and wonder what [...]

Choosing the best materials for your deck

Adding a new deck to your home is a great investment and way to boost your home's value. Traditionally, wood decks have been the go-to choice of material, but that has [...]

Water filtration: great benefits for your home and health

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the water you drink from your tap? Bacteria, mineral deposits, chemicals, and other contaminants could be in your tap's drinking water. [...]

Questions to ask about home automation

Technological advances are ever on the move to make life easier, including a homeowner’s life. Home automation allows you to control things like lights, temperature, home [...]

What to look for in a professional excavation company

Whether you're building a new home or adding a new pool, you’ll need to prepare the ground first. Excavation requires the right equipment, knowledge, and skill to do it [...]

Major renovations with long-term benefits

Typically, the decision to renovate comes down to two reasons: renovating for yourself or renovating to improve your home’s resale value. But, if you’re renovating [...]

5 Ways That Deck Builders in Vancouver Save You From Costly Mistakes

One of the best ways to increase property value is by building a new deck. The average return on investment on a deck is over 90%. This is because decks add outdoor living [...]

5 Popular Kitchen Remodel Vancouver Trends Worth the Investment

Are you feeling like your kitchen needs a bit of TLC? Whether it’s way too cramped, the style is outdated, or it’s truly one of the world’s ugliest kitchens, remodeling [...]