Importance of Finishing Packages

interior design in Edmonton When you embark on a major home renovation or new home build, you’re going to have some decisions to make. Working with an interior designer like House of J Interior Design will help you choose finishes like paint colour, flooring, lighting, cabinets, counters, backsplashes, window coverings, doors, trim and so on. In fact, they will offer finishing [...]

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Asphalt vs Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Calgary When considering a roof replacement, the first roofing material you considered was most likely asphalt shingles. It is true that most houses have asphalt shingles. This [...]

Zoned Heating Systems

renovation_solutions What is a zoned heating system? Have you noticed that different rooms or areas in your house are warmer or cooler than others?  Your south facing kitchen is likely warmer [...]

Maintaining Existing Concrete Pays Off!

concrete wall with a crack in foundation Here are the many benefits of concrete repair and restoration for both business owners and home owners. Concrete Maintenance for Business A business’s exterior will [...]

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Safety Tips

smoke detector of fire alarm in action Checking your Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors Having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are essential to the health and safety of your home and family. [...]

Lawn Maintenance with No Hidden Fees

hhs-contracting_gallery_1454012211047 The “Devil is in the Details” One of the stresses of working with a contractor is dealing with unexpected costs and hidden fees after the work has been done. You just [...]

Time for a New Roof?

Faster_wear_of_asphalt_shingles_along_eaves There are some pretty obvious signs that you might need a new roof. If your shingles are curled up, obviously deteriorating or even missing; it’s probably time to consider [...]

Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis System

A popular choice for home water purification systems is the reverse osmosis system. This method pushes water through a specialized membrane to separate out water [...]

Need a New Roof?

Metal Roofing System Is it time for a roof replacement? Discover a permanent roofing solution that will never need replacing! Roofers get a lot of phone calls after a big storm. After hours [...]

Meet Sophie: Sophisticated Home Automation

Home Automation Edmonton Shore 2 Shore What if you could control your home with a simple voice command? Meet Sophie.  Sophie is an innovative home automation technology offered by Shore 2 Shore Automation that [...]

Winter Maintenance Checklist for Canadian Homeowners

extra-insulation Do you create lists of things you'd like to do around your house only to find those crumpled pieces of paper in coat pockets months later with nothing checked off? You're not [...]