How this Edmonton business is making shady contractors a thing of the past

Original post from How this Edmonton business is making shady contractors a thing of the past Anyone who’s ever renovated their home will likely tell you it can be stressful. Home reno horror stories have become commonplace and, often, can be attributed to contractor-related issues. According to a survey by Angus Reid, 33% of [...]

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Home insulation options that boost energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and thermal performance are becoming more important for homeowners. And more homeowners are considering R-value when opting for green home [...]

Major renovations for major relaxation

Major renovations can provide a significant change and upgrade for your home, turning it into a place of relaxation. Working with an experienced team ensures your [...]

Cabinet Painting: DIY or Hire Professionals?

Cabinet painting, also knowns as cabinet refinishing, is a job many people attempt to complete on their own. However, there are a number of reasons why hiring a [...]

Hire a Handyman for Strata, Residential and Business Properties

For property owners, having the support of a trusted handyman is crucial. Handyman services can cover many areas of expertise. Plus, their services can be pretty diverse. [...]

5 expert tips for Vancouver kitchen and bathroom renovations

When you're renovating, considering your location is important. A renovation in the prairie provinces differs from one on or near the coast, like the Lower [...]

The many benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring

Blog article submitted by Majestic Flooring and Design Centre in Stony Plain One of the hottest trends in flooring today is the exciting option of Luxury Vinyl Plank.  [...]

Re-roofing with a Calgary roofing company you can trust

Are you thinking about replacing your roofing this season? There are several tell-tale signs that you need a new roof. If your current shingles are peeling, curling, or [...]

Is spraying or rolling paint better for your home’s interior?

Many decisions can go into painting your home's interior. You'll need to choose colours and textures while considering the trim and accents, and the cost of your project. [...]

Why your drapery needs to be professionally cleaned

Your drapes are constantly exposed to airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt, pet hair, and bacteria. If left unaddressed, these contaminants shorten the lifespan of your [...]

Common electrical problems to watch for this spring

Electrical problems can occur at any time, but a change of seasons is a great time to inspect your system to ensure it's running safely and efficiently. Most of the time, [...]