Factors to Consider When Building a Garage

garage builders in Edmonton There are many reasons to build a garage. You’ll enjoy having a protected place to park your vehicles, especially during the cold Alberta winters! Perhaps you are creating the perfect workshop, needing extra storage or want to build a loft or garage suite for additional living space or to earn some rental revenue. Whatever your reason, the pros at [...]

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Energy Efficient Ways to Light Up Your Home

Energy, Light Bulb, Efficiency. We need electricity for lighting, heating, cooling and many other purposes. In our online world, the need to stay connected means that we need electricity to keep our [...]

Enhance your Home with Natural Stone

stone-solutions-inc_gallery_1428955164875 Masonry offers an incredible variety of natural building products that can dramatically enhance the look of your home, inside and out. No one stone is alike; coming with [...]

Choosing Flooring For Your Home

Luxurious Living Room in new home Your floors are one of the first things you and others notice when they walk into your home. Upgrading your floors will greatly enhance your interior's aesthetics, improve [...]

Why You Need Regular Chimney Cleaning

Fireplace Maintenance You are comforted by the warm, flickering of the fire and the sound of crackling wood. Having a wood burning fireplace can keep you warm and cozy, especially when living [...]

Plan for the Future – Pre-wire your New Home

Pre-wiring It is incredible what technology can do in your home these days. Home automation systems allow you to turn lights, appliances and entertainment systems on and off by the [...]

Electrical Work is Not For Do-It-Yourselfers

master electrician edmonton Electricity is dangerous. Even avid do-it-yourselfers and experienced handy-men should not attempt to take on electrical wiring jobs on their own. What’s the worst that [...]

Benefits of Professional Landscaping

Landscaping Having a professionally landscaped yard has many benefits. The obvious ones are improved curb appeal and the pleasure you get from enjoying a beautiful and functional outdoor [...]

Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Basement-Window-Edmonton You choose window coverings for their style, visual appeal and coverage but some window treatments could actually help you increase your home’s energy efficiency. [...]

Incredibly Unique Storage Solutions

awesome-unusual-bookcases Last week we wrote about the benefits of hiring a closet and storage solution company to help optimize your space, create functional and beautifully designed storage solutions [...]

Questions You Might Ask A Trusted Contractor

Contractor. There are many benefits of hiring a General Contractor. They’ll help you with large home remodeling projects from conception to completion taking the stress out of [...]