Importance of Finishing Packages

interior design in Edmonton When you embark on a major home renovation or new home build, you’re going to have some decisions to make. Working with an interior designer like House of J Interior Design will help you choose finishes like paint colour, flooring, lighting, cabinets, counters, backsplashes, window coverings, doors, trim and so on. In fact, they will offer finishing [...]

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Hottest Trends in Window Treatments

budget-blinds-west-calgary-cochrane-se-and-central-calgary_gallery_1446491916762 Not only are new window treatments functional, they are a key factor in a perfectly designed room.  No matter what your style is, from modern to contemporary or traditional, [...]

Sell Faster with a 3D Virtual Tour

3D Virtual Tour Real Estate Edmonton Anyone who has been in the real estate game knows that listings that accurately show off more of the property yield more viewings and potentially, generate more offers.  [...]

Customized Storage Solutions

wood closet You have closets and storage spaces, but it still feels like you are not sure where to put things or worse, where to find them if they’ve gone missing.  Growing families, [...]

6 Tips to Help Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Renovating

RenovationFind Picture Stories of homeowners getting ripped off by contractors and home renovation companies are always on the news.  We constantly hear stories about contractors who didn't do what [...]

Holiday Energy Saving Tips

800px-LED_holiday_lights RenovationFind loves the holiday season! Decorating the outside of your home with colourful lights, Santa’s, snowmen and imaginative displays, putting up a Christmas [...]

Restoring Natural Stone Countertops

ab-granito-ltd_gallery_1443206081258 Natural stone countertops give your kitchen and bathroom a classic, beautiful high-end look that will never go out of style.  Natural stone like granite is very durable and [...]

Improve Your Furnaces Air Flow & Efficiency

Close Up Of Female Hand On Central Heating Thermostat Does it feel like your furnace is taking much longer to heat your home than it used to? Are you constantly turning up the thermostate? You might assume there is an issue [...]

Detecting and Removing Indoor Mould

mould removal Edmonton Condensation, high humidity, water damage, poor building practices and poor ventilation in buildings could provide the perfect growing conditions for mould.  Even [...]

What’s Wrong with Your Refrigerator?

refridgerator repair Edmonton Issues with your fridge can cause costly repairs and reduce your machine’s lifespan. Keep an eye on your refrigerator to catch any signs that indicate there might be a [...]

All About Interior Design

Photo Credit: MoJo Design Inc. in Edmonton What is Interior Design? What do you first think of when someone mentions interior design?  The way a room looks?  Throw pillows and accent décor that perfectly [...]