Homeowners find help after being ripped off by bad contractors

Local contractor helps a couple with accessibility renovations after two contractors rip them off Life has not been easy for Len and Sheron Pryatel for the last couple of years. Len suffered a massive stroke two years ago. The stroke and its complications have left him paralyzed on one side, in a wheelchair, and requiring significant hospital [...]

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Exterior cleaning services to boost curb appeal

If you feel overwhelmed by the to-do list around your home or out of your depth with keeping the exterior clean, an exterior cleaning service can help. They can tackle [...]

Benefits of installing a new AC

Regular maintenance and repair from a professional HVAC company are essential for the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. However, every AC needs to be replaced [...]

Warning signs your window wells are damaged or at risk

Blog submitted by Shield Foundation Repair in Edmonton Early snowfalls can lead to slow melting water accumulations in low-lying areas of your home. 10 cm of snow in your [...]

Restoring Home Health is the First Step in Healing

 Blog submitted by Enviro Fog Solutions in Calgary Everyone knows that mold in our living environments does not go down with a fight. We’ve all heard that you [...]

How to hire the right foundation contractor

Blog submitted by Shield Foundation Repair in Edmonton At Shield Foundation Repair, we spend an enormous amount of time and effort making sure our customers are dealing [...]

Frequently asked questions about mold

Blog submitted by Enviro Fog Solutions in Calgary Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Mold information on the internet can be complicated, and quite frankly, really [...]

Did you know you can lift a building?

Blog submitted by Shield Foundation Repair in Edmonton Hey, I thought Shield did foundation repairs? We love the foundation repair business, and we are good at it. But [...]

Home Construction Changes and Mold

Blog submitted by Enviro Fog Solutions in Calgary I have concluded that mold and “mold load” in homes is getting worse, not better. Over the past 40 years, we have [...]

Shield Remediation has the biggest HEPA vacuum you’ve ever seen!

Blog submitted by Shield Foundation Repair in Edmonton Homebuilders commonly used vermiculite insulation in the walls and attics of homes before about 1990. Roughly [...]

Benefits and incentives of residential solar panels

Installing solar panels will reduce your impact on the planet and help you save on energy bills. While there is an initial investment, an incentive for homeowners like [...]